I have to admit, I never thought about my car’s tires a whole lot. I guess your tires are the kind of thing you don’t think about a lot — until they stop working properly. In which case…yikes.

So I’m truly happy to support our fantastic sponsor Michelin, on their mission to get us to think more about stopping, and how what actually stops your car are your tires.

Do you know the average family stops an average of 40,000 times a year? Wow. That’s a whole lot of times we count on our tires to keep us safe — braking for for neighborhood cats that run into the street, for runaway balls, for yellow lights, for those stop signs that somehow pop into our fields of vision out of nowhere. And above all, stopping for children.

So while Michelin can help us take care of stopping our cars, I admit I’m also thinking about the 4000 things we tell our kids to stop doing in the car too.

Any of these look familiar to you too, parents?

Are you suddenly wondering how good your worn own tires are? Head over to the Michelin website to find out, and to learn more about how worn tires affect your car’s ability stop when you really need it.

Because especially after 3 or 4 years on the road, your tires make a huge difference in your family’s overall safety, and that of everyone else on the road with you.

While you’re on the site, be sure to enter to win a set of Michelin tires that will help you keep going and going. And of course, stopping and stopping.

Thanks so much to our sponsor Michelin for keeping more families safe on the road! While we’re worried about what’s going on inside our cars, it’s nice to know that they’re keeping us safer on the outside.