I’ve been trying to re-kickstart my yoga habit, and there’s nothing like a fresh new yoga mat to get me motivated. So when we saw that yoga mats in tons of fantastic designs from independent artists are now available as limited editions from Society 6,  I kind of geeked out.

If you’re looking for a new yoga mat too (or, weren’t looking at all but now absolutely need one), here are just a few of my favorite designs. Some are funny, some are inspirational, some are modern, some are just calming and beautiful.

Be sure to poke around the category, because there are hundreds of amazing artists there offering yoga mats in pretty much every style — surely one will be just what you need for 5% more inspiration to get up at the crack of dawn.

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Fresh yoga mats: Little Bursts of Inspiration at Julia Walck

Because sometimes we all need to remember why we’re doing yoga in the first place, this Little Bursts of Inspiration yoga mat by Julia Walck is near the top of my list. NamastĂ©, friends

Fresh yoga mats: Iridescent marble mat by Cafelab

There are a quite a few variations on this geode, marble, or oil type design, but I’m drawn to the colors in this Iridescent Marble yoga mat by cafelab. The biggest problem will be keeping it for myself before my daughter snags it.

Modern yoga mats with groovy graphics and inspirational words by Picomodi

If you’re looking for something with a little more pop, PIcomodi offers lots of cool graphic yoga mat designs featuring eye-popping colors and inspirational words that should combine to get you up, even for a 6AM yoga class. Remember that awesome fat unicorn with a rainbow jet pack design we’ve featured a ton? Same great artist.

Fresh yoga mats: Into the Jungle by Gale Switzer

I’ve seen so many banana leaf mat designs, and this Into the Jungle yoga mat by Gale Switzer keeps on that trend with an illustrated twist. I love the variation of flora and color on this one.


Fresh yoga mats: GRRL by LEEMO

Representation matters, and this GRRL yoga mat by LEEMO is pretty fantastic looking.

Fresh yoga mats: She discovered she was fierce by Quoteme

Be fierce. Raise fierce daughters and sons. And let your passion burn brighter than your fears, with this one day she discovered she was fierce mat by quoteme.