If your kids got as excited as ours did following all of the cool space-themed events this weekend, you can check out our roundup of our favorite space themed toys and kids’ gifts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. But if you’re trying to beat the heat, we’ve got just the DIY project for you.

Kate tracked down this very cool DIY papercraft rocket ship via a printable template you can buy at KaBlackout on Etsy.

Cool space toys and gifts for kids: DIY rocket template at KaBlackout

DIY papercraft rocket ship: Printable template from KaBlackout

We love that you can buy this once and print it again and again for your kids to make all summer long in different colors.  The instructions look incredibly detailed, and judging from the feedback from buyers, it’s absolutely doable and comes out great.

When you’re done, it would look great on a bookshelf, desk, or hanging from the ceiling in a child’s bedroom or even a nursery.

Neat summer craft — and bonding time with the kids — for under 10 bucks, plus the colored card stock that you supply.

If you’re really down for some space crafting, also checkout KaBlackout’s printable templates for making 3 retro rockets. It includes the easier retro rocket and moon rocket, and then the more advanced blast-off rocket.

They suggest you leave yourself about 5 hours of crafting for that one. And if this heatwave holds up — and my a/c too — I’ll have all that time indoors and more.