If you’re going to plan for back to school, it makes sense to look for the best 2019-20 school year planner to help you…plan. So next up in our 2019 Back to School Shopping Guide, we’ve put together our favorites, no matter what kind of planning you need to do and how you like to do it.

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Stuck on You makes cute bentos, lunch boxes, and of course, name labels for all your kids' back to school needs (sponsor)

For more than two decades, they’ve helped ensure that all the fun goodies you send your kids to school with, actually make it home — and parents need all the help we can get with that!

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The best 2019-20 school year planners for parents


Best planners for moms: momAgenda is the best simple planner

Best keep-it-simple school-ear planner: momAgenda Desktop Spiral Planner ($26 plus 15% discount)

If you want to keep things simple, we think the momAgenda planner is your best bet. It has both one month per page and one week per page layouts, starting with July 2019 and ending in December 2020, to give you a little extra time for the following school year.

You have room to schedule activities for yourself and up to four kids on each weekly page view, without all those “extras” that can just confuse things. Plus, there’s a designated box just to fill in each night’s dinner plans, which can be very helpful.

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Best planners for moms: Purple Trail has the most customizable planners

Most customizable school-year planner: PurpleTrail Mom/Parent Planners ($48.95+)

We’re impressed with the range of customization options you can make to your planners from PurpleTrail, like specifying your favorite cover material and design (we love “I am very busy,” seen at very top. You can even choose your starting month, and add features like a password log, fitness log, grocery lists and even travel itinerary pages.

You can choose anywhere from 6 to 18 months in this school year planner, and the basic monthly pages include space to schedule up to four kids, in addition to yourself. Helpful!


Best planners for moms: Erin Condren is the best academic/teacher planner

Best school year academic planner for homeschooling: Erin Condren’s Teacher Lesson Planner ($56)

If you are a parent who also happens to be a teacher — whether that’s in the classroom or as a homeschooler — Erin Condren’s Teacher Lesson Planner will be a huge help to keep all your planning in one place. It offers month-view calendars for personal appointments as well as week-view calendars where you can schedule things by class subject — we’d recommend allotting one of those columns to personal activities.  It also has features specific to teachers, like pages for grade book, seating charts, and communication with parents.


About our Sponsor

Stuck on You makes cute bentos, lunch boxes, and of course, name labels for all your kids' back to school needs (sponsor)


No parent wants to invest in back to school clothing and gear only to have it disappear the first week of school. That’s where Stuck On You  comes in. While they’re best known for their adorable custom name labels and clothing for kids in tons of colors, shapes and themes, visit their site for so much more.

New Mini-Me personalized labels from Stuck On You can be customized to look like your child! | sponsor

The new Stuck On You Mini-Me labels can be customized to look like your own kid.

Personalized gear at Stuck On You includes bento boxes and lunch bags totally customized with names, designs and colors. Personalized water bottles to help you go more eco-friendly. Allergy labels to help keep kids safe when they’re out of your hands. Custom book bags and backpacks.

Personalized family planner from Stuck on You (sponsor)

They even offer their own journals and planners with more sophisticated designs for teens or hey —  for you. Like the personalized family planner, above, with columns to manage up to 6 people, plus stickers to mark important events and occasions.

Basically it’s a one-stop shop for so much of the stuff we all need each school year. And with a sweet discount for our readers, too.

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Best planners for moms: Meal Planner from Rifle Paper Co

Best school-year meal planner: Rosa Weekly Meal Planner from Rifle Paper Co ($15)

This perpetual meal planning pad is so simple, like the meal planner we shared recently from Target, but that’s what we think is great about it. You have enough space to write breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day, along with a tear-off segment on the side where you can make your shopping list.

We happen to think it pairs perfectly with our weekly meal plan emails we send out each Saturday, so you can plan and shop for the week ahead all at one time. Plus, it’s just so pretty! We love everything Rifle Paper designs.


Best planners for moms: Hustle is the best goal-setting planner

Best school-year planner for goal setting: Hustle planner ($60)

The Hustle planner, as you might have guessed from the name, is terrific for moms and dads who want to stay super-organized without letting your goals slip through the cracks. You can plan your day in 30-minute increments, keep track of household projects like cleaning and maintenance, record your workouts, nutrition and water intake, make grocery lists, keep up with finances and medical expenses, and even look ahead to goals for the year ahead.

If you’re the goal setting type, this is definitely the planner for you!


Best Planners for Moms: The Well-Planned Day is our best pick for Homeschool planners

Best school-year planner for homeschooling: The Well-Planned Day by Rebecca Scarlata Farris ($36.95)

While we love Erin Condren’s academic planner for teachers who are also parents, we think The Well-Planned Day is the best bet for parents who are specifically homeschooling. In addition to space for lesson plans and grades, it also has room for menus, appointments, and chore charts — the home-based activities that are more relevant to homeschoolers than classroom-based features. It offers plenty of columns for goals, budgets, curricula, field trips and more. And best of all, it’s got you covered for up to 6 children.


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Cool Mom Picks readers save $5 on all Stuck on You purchases (except value packs)

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