When I saw this amazing free printable Women’s History Month coloring page from Here Wee Read, I geeked out and immediately messaged Liz. It’s such an amazing resource for those of us hoping to teach our kids more about important and diverse women who have come before us—or are currently walking alongside us—through history.

Besides, raise your hands if you’re struggling with at-home learning activities right now. Well, this can knock a few activities off your list.

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An incredible free Women's History Month coloring page from Here Wee Read and Notebooks & Nibbles

Charnaie’s website Here Wee Read happens to be an amazing resource for children’s books featuring diverse characters, by the way. And this printable that she created with illustrator and book blogger Bri James reflects that commitment to diversity and inclusion. Nearly every face featured on the coloring page is a notable woman of color, from Malala and Oprah to Frida and Michelle Obama, there are lots of names and faces your kids will recognize — and hopefully some that they won’t.

With 31 different “fierce, unapologetic and inspirational trailblazers,” as Bri puts it, your kids will have plenty of opportunity to do some research of their own to find out more about these powerful forces who have shaped the world we live in. Even after Women’s History Month is over. Because oof, what a month it’s been.

You can find the free printable Women’s History Month coloring page illustrated by Bri James over at Here Wee Read.
Top image: @notebooks_and_nibbles on Instagram