Do your kids know how to do laundry? Do your teens know how to leave a tip? It’s amazing how many life skills tend to fall through the cracks when it comes to raising our kids. That’s why we’re so excited to chat with Catherine Newman, whose new book How to Be a Person: 65 Hugely Useful, Super-Important Skills to Learn before You’re Grown Up will help your kids, teens, even young adults tackle important skills that they’ll need before they become a grown-up. And by the way, it’s perfect timing with so many of us still sheltering-in-place.

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We tackle a bunch of helpful questions on this episode, like why this quarantine (for some of us) has been an opportunity to give our kids more independence, and how to start teaching older kids skills they should probably already know — though, this is a no-guilt zone, mamas.

Catherine talks about how she picked the specific kills that are in her book (and why they’re in that order), and how we can use the book to help our younger kids. This was such a valuable discussion for us (not to mention the book is fantastic). We really hope you find it as useful as we did.

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Cool Picks of the Week

The WhirleyPop Popcorn Maker

Catherine: The WhirleyPop Popcorn maker. Here’s a swanky version we found at our affiliate William Sonoma.

Liz: If you’re not following Gabby Blair aka @DesignMom and her French house renovation on Instagram, it’s just the escape we’ve needed.

Kristen: I’m currently binging Never Have I Ever on Netflix. Nice work, Mindy Kaling. Not like you needed me to tell you, though.