With gender reveal parties on our minds these days, we were so glad to chat with author Lisa Selin Davis about gender stereotypes and what parents need to do to start to changing them, all of which she talks about in her new book, Tomboy: The Surprising History and Future of Girls Who Dare to Be Different. This is such an important, timely topic, and one that we’ve been invested in at Cool Mom Picks since we started. We hope you find it as enthralling and valuable as we did.

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Gender norms and tomboys with Lisa Selin Davis | Spawned Ep 217

Topics and links from the show 

– Where did the word “tomboy” originate and what does it actually mean?

– What about the opposite of a tomboy and how are we addressing the need for boys to have a “girlhood.”

– Can we stop the gender reveal parties already? And why they’re so bad (beyond burning down forests).

– Nature vs. nurture: What determines a girl’s penchant towards “tomboyhood.”

– Surprising findings about sexuality and tomboys. It surprised us!

– And, here is Lisa’s New York Times piece that went viral.

Tomboy, by Lisa Selin Davis | Spawned podcast

Cool Picks of the Week 

America Divided on Epix | Docu-series

Lisa: Radiooooo app! It’s a musical time machine, letting you listen to music from way back when, all around the world.

Kristen: America Divided! A fantastic docu-series on Epix (available with a free trial via Amazon). So timely and important.