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With our families home a lot more these days, home security has become a lot more important. But have you thought about the security of your security camera?

(Yes, really.)

Now, for the first time, you can find a high-quality, top-rated home security camera made for mounting indoors, through a window, protected from theft and from the elements. Presenting the Panasonic HomeHawk WINDOW Camera.

Panasonic HomeHawk Window is the first security camera that can be mounted inside a window to protect the outside of your home (sponsor)

Panasonic HomeHawk Window: Suction keeps it mounted to your inner window, so installation is super easy (sponsor)

This innovative, compact, premium quality security camera can be mounted discretely on virtually any interior window, thanks to a powerful suction cup. That’s it!

No drilling, no complicated installation.

It plugs into a regular outlet, which means battery life isn’t an issue — the Panasonic HomeHawk WINDOW can keep on recording through the day and into the night, using bright color night vision. With a 150° super wide-angle view, you’ll see better with the camera than you would with your own eyes.

Panasonic HomeHawk Window security camera has Person Detection to eliminate recording cars and other unnecessary objects

It’s got plenty of smart features too. The new Panasonic HomeHawk WINDOW Camera backs up to secure local storage right on the device, so you’re not paying for cloud storage services or hassling with monthly data contracts.

Person Detection capabilities are designed to eliminate unnecessary alerts, so you only record what matters, day or night.

And with Alex and Google Assistant compatibility, the Panasonic HomeHawk WINDOW is just as easy to use as it is to get set up in the first place. You even get 24/7 access to the live camera feed through the free companion app on your own phone.

That’s a whole lot of peace of mind from one little security camera.

Get secure home monitoring right now with the Panasonic HomeHawk WINDOW Camera,
now available from Amazon


This has been a sponsored message from Panasonic