Each year, in our annual back to school shopping guide, we always love tracking down those cool lunch box accessories, water bottles, bentos, and other fun goodies that help make opening that same old lunch box every day a little more special. Only last year… we didn’t. (Cute super sad emojis.)

This year, we’re trying to head into the new school year a little more optimistically, stocking up on the gear that get our kids a little more excited to head back to the classroom.

Some of of these lunch box accessories are little affordable treats, some are slightly more expensive picks that we adore and stand by and can give you years of use. The way we see it, we’d rather buy one great lunch box that lasts a lot of years (and see this post for our recos!), than a cheap new one every year.

But hey, there’s so many cool lunch box accessories for kids these days! From fun ice packs to eco-friendly reusable napkins to sandwich cutters and printable lunchbox notes, we hope you can find a few ideas here that make packing school lunch a little less tedious each day. One can hope, right?

– This post has been updated for 2021 with current links and prices – 

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Juice in the Box reusable juice box containers | cool lunch accessories

reusable juice in the box container ($12.99 for 8oz size on Amazon)

Olika hand sanitizers for kid in cute birdie spray bottles: Perfect for easter baskets

Tea Collection x Olika clip-on hydrating hand sanitizer minis ($15/set of 3, Tea Collection)
Also find full-size options on the Olika site, including refills in 6 scents


Cool lunchbox accessories for back to school in every color of the rainbow

lifefactory 16oz water bottle $20.08, amazon | reusable sporks $3.99, container store | Zoli vacuum insulated food jar  $19.99 on sale, Bed Bath & Beyondi | Yay Lunch! snack containers $12.74/set, amazon | cool coolers ice packs  $7.99/4, container store

R2D2 Thermos funtainer with straw | cool lunchbox accessories for back to school

Thermos Star Wars Funtainers  $16.51, Amazon

Lunchbots Duo bentos in lots of great colors

lunchbots duo bento containers $22.99 and up, amazon


Cool lunchbox accessories for kids | back to school guide 2015

s’ip by s’well 10 oz water bottle  $14 and up, amazon | reusable snack bag and napkin set $4.45, MEGoriginal on Etsy | panda bear sandwich cutter $6.99, amazon | fun paper straws $3.46/25, party surprise on Etsy | reusable snack/sandwich bags $8 and up, elle at lunch | panda double decker bento $22, amazon

Printable color-your-own superhero lunchbox notes from Designer Daddy

printable color-your-own superhero lunchbox notes $2, designer daddy
also available in color, $6.50

Zo-li insulated water bottles with straws | cool lunchbox accessories for back to school

zoli vacuum insulated 12 oz straw bottle $22, amazon


Cool lunchbox accessories for kids | back to school 2015

snacktastic lunch container$11, amazon | reusable cloth napkins $20/12-pack, marley’s monsters | monster bag clips $4.49/6, amazon | personalized lunchbox labels prices vary, mabel’s labels | fun bites fun shape sandwich cutters set $21.00/3, amazon


Dinosaur sandwich cutter uses the whole piece of bread. Cute!

double dinosaur, heart, butterfly sandwich cutter set $9.71/4 cutters, amazon

snack box bentos from imagination lane | cool lunchbox accessories


 fun snack and lunch ben to containers $12.74/set, amazon


Souper Spoon | Cool lunchbox accessories for back to school


souperhero spoon (ha, get it?) $10, amazon


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