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Over the past couple of years, parents have really seen the value of educational apps and websites to help engage our kids in core subjects. If their excitement for reading and writing could use a little nudge, Night Zookeeper is an absolutely delightful way to make it fun — with proven results.

Over 1 million children have enjoyed this educational website, which essentially offers kids 6-12 a safe writing community, filled with fun activities just for kids, and entirely staffed and monitored by real educators in real time.

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Night Zookeeper is an exciting way to help kids improve reading and writing skills (sponsor)

You know how much kids love learning when it feels like play and that’s exactly Night Zookeeper offers, thanks to thousands of personalized challenges, games, puzzles, videos, and other activities.

You’ll be amazed at their improvement in the core areas of spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing, and reading comprehension. And they’ll be thrilled to put skills to use in their very own pieces of writing, from fictional stories to poetry, research reports, and newspaper articles.

Night Zookeeper is a proven way to help kids improve reading and writing skills -- while having fun, too (sponsor)

It’s also reassuring to know kids are exploring a safe network that’s moderated in real time, instead of roaming around the web. Plus there’s a parent dashboard to keep you up to speed on all your child’s achievements and progress.

Oh and one more cool thing?

The Night Zookeeper storybook series is not only fun for kids, your child's own stories could be published in the next one! Here's how (sponsored0

Your child’s work could end up published in the brand new series of Night Zookeeper storybooks, featured storytelling card games, or even end up on the TV show! And hey, if you want your kids to get in some extra reading practice offline, you can pick up the 5-book Night Zookeeper adventure series, which makes a fun holiday gift too.

Whether you’re a homeschooler, or giving your child a little extra help at home that they need with reading and writing, Night Zookeeper really worth try — especially because it’s free.

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