As a mom of three, I have loved few things as much as hearing the crazy stories my kids have dreamt up, or reading the creative things they choose to write on paper. And so I am super psyched to hear about a contest that rewards kids for their most imaginative story ideas, without taking off points for spelling errors or grammatical mistakes.

This no-holds-barred contest is the third annual Roald Dahl Imaginormous Challenge which will reward five U.S. kids ages 5-12 for their story ideas, with some of the coolest prizes I’ve ever seen.

But you’ll have to hurry to enter by December 20, 2019.

This 100-word writing competition is as unusual as the name suggests. The Imaginormous Challenge wants kids to share their story ideas, no matter how outlandish or wacky.

In true Wonka fashion, the only judging criterion is “pure imagination” which I would guess leaves the door wide open for stories that include alien unicorns, dragons that breath jelly instead of fire, or superheroes made of fudge.

(Hey, I’m registering that last one.)

Roald Dahl's Imaginormous contest winner

No, the winners will not get the chance to to swim in a chocolate river, but the prizes are still pretty incredible. Of the five Golden Ticket winners, one will be flown to LA for a writing workshop so that their story can be published as an e-book to share with the world.

Other lucky winners will see their ideas transformed into an ice cream flavor (shown above), a one-of-a-kind toy design, an entire theatrical creation, or even a Minecraft world. (Ahem, guess who one of the sponsors is.)

Plus, the school classrooms of each of the five Golden Ticket winners will get a bundle of goodies including a complete library of Roald Dahl books. So sharpen those pencils — -or, open those Chromebooks — and start dreaming!

Check out the Roald Dahl Imaginormous Challenge website for all the details on how to enter, writing tips, and prize information.  Remember that the deadline is December 20, 2019. And good luck!

Top photo:  Santi Vedrí via Unsplash