If you’ve got as many photos on your phone as we do, then you know how challenging it can be to find what you need when you need it. Holy smokes. But we are not alone! How do I know this? Well, this week’s Spawned podcast guest, Casey von Stein, aka Miss Freddy, a professional photo organizer, told me so.

She has a long list of private clients, as well as online workshops and classes to help folks like me (and you) finally get our photos organized, and create systems and strategies to keep them that way. Lucky for us, she shared a ton of really amazing tips that you can start doing right now that will really help. In fact, I tried them myself and already, I’m able to find everything from cute baby photos of my kids to my vaccination card to whatever else I need, in just a few clicks.

Digital photo organization tips with Casey von Stein aka Miss Freddy on Spawned with Kristen and Liz

Listen right now to this super helpful episode, but also, make sure you’re a Spawned subscriber so you never miss an episode. After listening, you’ll understand why you should use shared folders (very clever trick), how to pick the right storage app for your photos, and a smart way to use favorites, along with a ton of other smart tips.

And if you’re like me, my guess is you’ll be perusing Casey’s classes, workshops, hey, even private client offerings, because she’s just that good. (And, she also happens to be affordable, too, depending on what you’re looking for).

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Cool Picks of the Week 

Cool Pick of the Week: Mini books by Chatbooks

Casey: The Streaks app, which adds a little competition (of sorts) to help you create good habits. And… the Chatbooks Monthly Mini books (just $5/month) are a great way to automatically get photos off your phone!

Kristen: These cool waist chains that add a little pizazz to jeans (or skirts). I’ve been wearing them with pants that feel a little too preppy for me. Pro tip: They make a cool necklace too! And hey, $12! (Affiliate link)