Spring fashion trends: How is this not The Onion?


We break down some of the hot fashion trends for spring that are hitting the stores, for an honest look at what we can wear, what we can’t…and what seems like designers just flat-out punking us.

St. Patrick's Day treats + recipes galore. Taste the rainbow!


No, it’s not all about green beer and green bagels. We’ve got a fantastic array of fun recipe ideas to make the day a little more kid-friendly. (And uh…a few libations just for us adults, too.)

5 terrific children's books to help us raise activist kids


So many ways to put all that caring, passion and energy to excellent use.

Trending right now. As in this second.

You are listening to our podcast, right?

So much coolness. Where to start…

Mifold vs. BubbleBum: Travel booster seat smackdown

My kids have all used traditional booster seats in the car, but recently my son has had a chance to test out two cool booster seat alternatives so we could really give you the scoop on the pros, cons, and differences between the Mifold and the BubbleBum travel booster...

Say Zoop! is the perfect follow-up to Press Here

Fans of the interactive children's books from Hervé Tulle,  Press Here and Mix it Up, now have another wonderfully charming, engaging book to add to their kids' bookshelves in Say Zoop! Once again, children are asked to perform a series of tasks related to the...

Summer ice activities. They’re so hot right now.

During these dog days of summer, when there's really no other word to describe the heat but "blergh," we parents have to think way beyond the sprinklers and water balloons that we've been relying on to keep our kids cool (and occupied). It's time to seriously up the...

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