So many last-minute Father's Day gift ideas, including a perfect one for you.

Did June 17 creep up on you? Check out this incredible list of Father’s Day ideas to help! There are gifts to make, gifts to bake, gifts to overnight, gifts worth an IOU, and clever gifts you can grab at a local store.

Science activities for kids K-12, to help keep those minds sharp all summer

We think you’ll flip out over our comprehensive science activities guide for kids of all ages, which celebrates the magic of STEM, creativity, and our kids’ wonderful imaginations.

Happy Pride Month, Friends!

In honor of Pride Month, we adore this new picture book that assures children that all families are “real” families and that love, of course, is love.

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Children separated from their parents at our borders: How you can help

If you’re trying to understand why babies and children are being separated from parents, including those legally seeking asylum, we break it down for you. Plus find excellent organizations that can use your support to help keep families together.

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Should you quit Facebook? Spawned Episode 106

With the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal and Zuckerberg testifying, we're seeing lots of talk about Facebook privacy issues these days. Especially in our Facebook feeds. Very meta! From sticking around and tightening up your security settings to hitting the road...

So much coolness. Where to start…

Mother’s Day is not for dog moms | Spawned Ep 109

After getting a Mother's Day pitch for dog moms, we're trying to figure out why everyone is trying to claim Mother's Day from moms. Can't we just have one day that's our own? On this fun episode of Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we're talking about all the people who...

Say my name, say my name.

How hard was it to pick the perfect name for your baby? Ugh. My husband and I discussed (and debated) for months over the merits of different names, and name meaning always came into play. In fact, we even threw out some good contenders just because we didn't like...

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