The coolest birthday gifts for 3 year olds

The coolest birthday gifts for 3 year olds | Here: handmade superhero costumes from Love Lane

We loved picking out these cool gifts for the 3-year-olds in our lives! Oh, the places they’ll go in their imagination when kids are 3 years old; we love to channel that boundless enthusiasm and curiosity with imaginative and creative toys, age-appropriate crafting supplies, and other well-made playthings that make wonderful birthday gifts for preschoolers.

And as you can probably tell, we’re all for taking a little more time to find special, fun toys that will hold up a little longer than the mass plastic stuff out there.

Of course, the gifts have to be fun too. Just like a 3 year old. Well, most of the time.

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Cubetto primo is a fabulous first coding for kids as young as preschool | Best birthday gifts for 3 year olds

Cubetto coding toy

($157 on sale at Amazon)

If you’re looking for a first STEM toy for a 3-year-old, we adore Cubetto, which not only gets them coding, but offers plenty of extension packs and accessories so it can stay fun and age-appropriate for years.


Toddler bike helmet from Nutcase | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

Nutcase toddler helmet


Protect that brilliant little brain with a playful but hard working kids’ helmet from one of parents’ favorite helmet companies. So many cool designs but we love this space theme — and it goes perfectly with a new scooter or bike.


Superhero cape and hat by Lovelane | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

Cool birthday gifts for 3 year olds: Handmade Amazon warrior costume from Love Lane

Handmade superhero costumes 

(prices vary, Love Lane)

The 2-piece handmade reversible cape and winged hat ($99 or $55 for the pink set) or the new Amazon warrior set ($75) from a favorite maker of ours is the ultimate birthday gift set for any three-year-old. Or uh…older. And yes she makes adult size too, if you want a parent-kid matching set.

Also find individual accessories, like the superhero shield ($35) at very top for an affordable gift with a lot of pow.


Children’s Museum Membership | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

Children’s museum membership

(prices vary)

An annual family membership to your local children’s museum makes a fabulous gift that will help tire out a busy three year old over and over again. While every major city has a wonderful children’s museum — like San Diego’s The New Children’s Museum seen here — don’t overlook smaller spots that may be even more convenient to pop into on a rainy day.

Toy coffee maker by Hape | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

Wooden toy coffee maker

($34.99 at Amazon)

While handmade play food like fruit and veggies will always ben in style, we’re in love with Hape’s hilariously realistic coffee maker. It makes an excellent addition to any play kitchen area, and lets a child imitate Mom or Dad’s morning routine.


Magnetic play sets from Petit Collage | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

Magnetic play sets

($12 and up, Petit Collage)

These colorful, magnetic play sets are favorites with our own kids, and the prices are fantastic.  From astronauts to robots to superheroes, there’s bound to be a set that makes the coolest gift for a three-year-old in your life.


My first pogo jumper by Flybar: Coolest birthday gifts for 3 year olds

Flybar First Pogo Jumper

($16.99-19.99 at Amazon)

Don’t panic, parents — these durable, extremely fun pogo sticks have a foam base for soft landings. Fun way to get the kids up and moving, indoors or out.


These raincoats for kids change color when they get wet! | Coolest gifts for 3 year olds

Color change raincoat

($48, Bonjour Petit)

It may be a hassle getting most kids into their raincoats, but knowing that this one from Holly & Beau changes color when it gets wet? Win! They have dinos, unicorns and more — and lots of sizes, should you be shopping for older siblings who’d want one too.

The Birthday Thief book | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

The Birthday Thief personalized book

($29.99, Wonderbly)

The makers of the wonderful Lost My Name personalized books have created a new title themed about (you guessed it)  birthdays. Customize it galore with a name, birthdate, and even likeness, so it seems written just for the birthday boy or girl.


Castle doll house at Pottery Barn Kids | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

Castle doll house

($349 at Pottery Barn Kids)

Cue the trumpets! We are royally impressed with this outrageous wooden castle doll house that comes fitted with a canopy bed and his-and-her thrones. (Or hers-and-hers. Or his-and-his, of course.)  Just add a wooden dollhouse royal family for one outrageous birthday gift for a 3-year-old.


Bookroo book subscription box | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

Bookroo book subscription box

($16.95/mo.+ at Cratejoy)

You can never go wrong with books for birthday gifts at any age. And what better way to instill a love of books in early readers than with a monthly delivery of new stories tailored just for their age?  Plus, they get mail! Addressed to them! Double win.
Photo: Instagram

Portable Felt Board by Creativity for Kids | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

Portable felt play board

($14.99 at Amazon)
From the wonderful craft kit makers at Creativity for Kids, this play board is educational, versatile, affordable…and quiet! In other words, the parents will thank you too.

Wooden Tool Set from Fanny & Alexander | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

Handmade wooden tool set

($78 at Moon Picnic)

If you want a tool set that’s more heirloom quality than the ones from the big stores, we love this absolutely gorgeous wooden set from Fanny & Alexander can double as room decor. At least when kids are not busy building their own imaginary space ships, zoos, and school houses.


Calico Critters otter family with babywearing mom and dad | Coolest birthday gifts for 3 year olds

Calico Critters Otter Family

($24 at Amazon)

3-year-olds are finally old enough for the Calico Critters they may have coveted from older siblings and cousins. We adore this otter family, that reminds kids that baby-wearing and nurturing is a job for both moms and dads.

Q-bitz Jr. by Mindware | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

Mindware Q-Bitz Jr. game

($19.95 at Amazon)

Family game time is such a great way to bond through play and this skill-building game lets everyone in the family join in. Besides, no one can live on Candyland alone. Especially not parents. Trust us.

Toddler Table & Chairs by Tender Leaf Toys | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 3 year olds

Toddler table and chair set

($209.99, Tender Leaf Toys)

Plenty of stores carry affordable table and chair sets for three year olds. But for something extra-special, we love this adorable wooden set that gives any 3-year-old — and a lucky friend or sibling  or stuffed animal — an adorable a spot to craft, snack, create, talk, and conspire to change the world.


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