The coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Osmo game | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

When you’re looking for a cool birthday gift for a 6-year-old, it’s so much fun. First-graders are ready for more complex toys and games that stretch their imaginations and sometimes even their bodies. We love gifts that get them thinking, moving, and–most importantly–having fun. Here are just some of our (very many) favorite cool gifts for 6-year-olds that go beyond the expected.

All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff, there is no compensation in exchange for picks. CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate. 

Osmo iPad game

($49.95 at Amazon)
Brilliantly combining the cool technology of an iPad with hands-on, tactical game play, the Osmo iPad game is such a fun learning tool for kids. They can even use it on their own or with friends at those myriad after-school playdates. What a smart way to reinvent screen time.


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Lundby light-up dollhouse | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Lundby light-up dollhouse

($89 on sale at Amazon for starter house)
Combining imagination, technology, and DIY, this is a fantastic gift from a cool Swedish company for boys and girls who want to play house–and light it up while they’re at it. Kids can even download wallpaper and printable decor from the site, making craft-time part of the fun. Just make sure you include the power supply and lights — and some furniture of course — which are sold separately.


Personalized wooden harmonica | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Personalized wooden harmonica

($10.85 at Scissor Mill)
Personalizing gifts always makes them more special, and we’re so happy to have discovered this cool, very reasonably priced laser-engraved harmonica from a nifty California-based Etsy shop.

Science Museum membership + science tattoos | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Science temporary tattoos

(Science Set of Temporary Tattoos, $15 at Tattly)
This is such an awesome age to get kids excited about STEM and the wonders of science — although they probably are already. We love these temporary tattoos which aren’t your usual hearts and butterflies. Even cooler, pop them in a birthday card that includes an annual membership card to their local science museum.


Beastie Boys raglan | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Beastie Boys raglan

($37 at Babesta)
No. Sleep. Til Second Grade.


Resin Building Block Necklaces | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Resin Building Block Necklaces

($25 at Pico)
One of our favorite indie artists is now making a small line of children’s jewelry, and we think these colorful resin LEGO-inspired blocks make a very special gift to make a very special girl feel grownup.


Foam Maverick Pogo Stick | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Maverick foam pogo stick

($34+ at Amazon)
Do not fear the pogo stick! If your 6-year-old is between 40 and 80 pounds, we found the perfect ones from Flybar that are lightweight, made with foam-covered metal, and get fabulous ratings even from nervous parents.


Ordinary People Change the World picture books

($10 each, Barnes & Noble)
Brad Meltzer’s critically acclaimed biography series for kids is so inspiring and fun — and we love that each book conveys the theme that anyone can be a hero. Each book brings to life stories of important figures from Rosa Parks to Albert Einstein in a way that will charm and engage kids. And they keep updating the series, with recent additions including Malala Yousafzai and Jim Henson. Get more than one title for a really thoughtful 6-year-old birthday gift.


Handmade Frozen Elsa-inspired sparkle cape | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Handmade Frozen Elsa-inspired sparkle cape

($12.99 on sale at Sew Plain Jane)
Our one-time gift guide sponsor Sew Plain Jane knows that there are all kinds of superheroes that our kids imagine themselves to be. So they’ve recently added this uber-popular Elsa-style glittery cape with a silver snowflake in back, draped in lace tulle. And wow, amazing price for a totally handmade costume piece. We know quite a few girls who will never ever let it go. (Ha, couldn’t resist.)


Washable body crayons | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Washable body crayons

($9 at MoMA Store, $8.10 for members)
Kids are obsessed with drawing on themselves, so why not give them a set of body crayons that come off easily at bathtime later? Sure beats Sharpies. As we can tell you from experience. Sigh.


classic game box | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Classic game box

($50 at atsuyo et akiko)
For a great birthday gift for 6-year-olds, try filling up their game collection all the classics. One way to do it is with this cool French-made case from toymaker Vilac that includes Checkers, Parcheesi, Snakes & Ladders, and Backgammon. Family Game Night is ready to get off the ground.


Lottie dolls | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Lottie dolls

(Dolls for $19.95; accessory sets extra, at Lottie Dolls)
At a time when most “girl dolls” look nothing like any girls we know, it’s so refreshing to find Lottie Dolls, whose bodies better resemble the actual kids who play with them. (As in, their waists are not smaller than their feet.) These dolls offer lots of skin tones to choose from, plus age-appropriate outfits and accessories in aspirational themes like science fair,  karate black belt, or the veddy British sounding Branksea Festival.


Lulu Jr’s My Awesome Book | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Make-your-own book kit

($19.95 at Amazon)
Future authors can become current authors with this cool make-your-own-book kit from Lulu Junior that allows them to write and illustrate their own 20+ page storybook that then can be sent to the company, and printed into an actual hardcover. Kids are such imaginative storytellers at 6, this is the perfect age to start preserving those gems.


Whoa-Bots Ninja! Wood Toy Set | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Ninja wood toy set

($25 at Tree Hopper)
Whoa-Bots is a cool little indie design shop out of Chicago making oh…you know. Just ninjas. Part plaything and part clever building toy, they’re fierce enough to put up with some pretty heavy play and great to bring on road trips.


Micro Kickboard scooter | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Maxi Micro Kickboard scooter

($129.99 at Micro Kickboard, and pair it with a helmet!)
Our long-time favorite kids’ scooter, the Maxi Micro Kickboard, is perfect for kids around 6 who may not be ready for a two-wheeler, but still want some big-kid fun. Steering is easy and smooth for tricks and fast turns, and kids love that the T-bar and joystick handles are interchangeable. Plus, it grows with your kids up to age 12. One of the best investment toys you can find.


Retro wooden toy cars | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Retro wooden toy cars

($24.99+ at Candylab Toys)
These are as much play cars as cool collectors items that will look awesome decorating a shelf or nightstand. Oh okay…we want to play with them too. Check out the awesome mid-century designs from this very cool indie toymaker, that range from woodie station wagons and campers to taxi cabs and police cruisers.


Kawaii rainbow unicorn pillow | Cool birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Kawaii rainbow unicorn pillow

($27 at Anji for Society 6)
Any kawaii-loving kid will love snuggling up with this super cute rainbow unicorn each night. Our own little unicorn fans would probably carry it around with them all day if they could!

Space Pod Playhouse | coolest birthday gifts for 6 year olds

Space Pod Playhouse

($80 at Uncommon Goods)
As kids get a little older, they love having their private spaces for imaginative playtime. Especially if you’re in a smaller home or apartment without a playroom, a great 6-year-old birthday gift is the gift of a playspace, thanks to a cool playhouse like this awesome space pod. Inside, behold as they play Star Wars, Star Trek, or Guardians of the the Living Room.

All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff, there is no compensation in exchange for picks. CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate. 

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