The coolest birthday gifts for 5 year olds

Coolest birthday gifts for 5 year olds: Ultimate birthday gift guide from Cool Mom Picks

Ready for some super cool birthday gifts for 5 year olds? After all, turning 5 is a pretty big deal. Hey, you’re turning one whole hand!

Help your favorite kindergartener or preschooler celebrate this milestone with a cool fifth birthday gift that that will keep them learning, exploring, playing, imagining, and just having fun. Because having fun is something 5-year-olds are really really good at doing.

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Be sure to see our full list of the coolest birthday gifts for kids by age

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Ikuzi dolls | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Ikuzi dolls

($79.99 at Ikuzi dolls)
Meaning “to teach” in the Igbo language, these beautiful, posable Ikuzi dolls come in light, medium, and dark brown skin tones, making them “just like me” dolls for so many girls. They’ll even fit into other 18” doll clothes for loads of variety — but you’ll love the one-of-a-kind outfits they come in, each made from African fabrics, by a fashion designer and mom of four herself.

  Shark Blankie Tails | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Shark blanket with glow-in-the-dark eyes

($29.95, Blankie Tails)

Don’t worry if you are hearing the Jaws theme in your head — this shark blanket only gobbles up your kid with snuggly, comfy minky fabric. They offer the original mermaid blankets, too!


Kalamata's Kitchen books and food adventure gear | Best gifts for 5 year olds

Kalamata’s Kitchen Adventures + Cooking Gear

($19.95/book up to complete kitchen tools set for $79.95 at Kalamata’s Kitchen)

Have a future chef on your hands? A budding foodie? A kid who won’t eat anything if it’s not on white bread with the crusts cut off? These wonderful adventures will inspire kids to see food as an adventure — and hopefully recreate some of it in the kitchen themselves. Especially with the exclusive recipe inside from Chef Eric Ripert.

LED Maxi Deluxe Kickboard Scooter | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Maxi Deluxe LED kick scooter

($149.99 at Amazon)

Our favorite kids’ scooter is, as the kids say, totally lit, with the addition of cool, motion-activated LED lights. No batteries or plugs required. It will grow with your five-year-old until they’re 12, too.

Circuit Conductor toy by Pai Technology | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Circuit conductor kit by Pai Technology

($66.49 at Amazon)

Here’s an amazing way to help young kids learn about electricity, currents, and magnets as they work through the challenges provided. All using colorful, oversized, connecting pieces — and augmented reality, which makes it extra cool.


Girl power tee shirt by Kal and Co. | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Girl power tee

($13.20 on sale at Kal & Co)

This soft cotton tee features strong female role models that all little girls — and boys — should grown up knowing more about.

Solar System Chalk by Twee | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Solar system chalk set

($40, Twee)
This set of gorgeous, multi-layered chalk planets are really out of this world, plus $2 from every sale goes directly to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to support Autism research.

Omy giant coloring poster with stickers | Coolest birthday gifts for 5 year olds

Giant street art coloring poster with stickers

($23 at Omy or $24.95 at Amazon)

This is a fantastic gift (also at very top) for a birthday party activity, for a rainy weekend indoors, or just for a long-term craft that kids can keep coming back to. In the end: Wall art! Awesome at any age. Especially in this cool new design — but there are others to choose from.


OSMO Genius Kit | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Osmo Genius Kit

($71 on sale at Amazon with frequent discounts)

We love all the smart games from Osmo that help turn an iPad into an educational tool for kids ages 5-12.

Custom number Star Wars birthday shirt | coolest gifts for 5 year olds

Star Wars birthday number shirt

($20, Conch District)

“I am 5. I am not old enough to understand any of A New Hope but I love the lightsabers.”

Captain Marvel: What Makes a Hero book | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Captain Marvel: What Makes a Hero book

($8.99 at Amazon)

Who run the (superhero) world? Girls. Consider pairing it with Lovelane Design’s affordable paint-your-own superhero cuff craft kits. Or to make it extra special, you can order one totally personalized with a child’s name from Put Me In the Story ($34.99)


Bomber jacket by Appaman | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Bomber style faux leather jacket 

($67 on sale at  Appaman)

Want to be the cool aunt/uncle/grandparent/godparent who gets them the on-trend jacket? This one should do it. When things get a little chilly, it will keep them warm but still looking cool.


Madpax backpack | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Mini Spiketus backpack

($56, Madpax)

Ban boring backpacks with this super cool metallic Spiketus Rex backpack. The half-pack is sized just right for little kids’ bodies.

Personalized unicorn LED sign | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Personalized unicorn LED sign

($26.32, SnobGifts)

A perfect way to give the gift of sweet dreams to your favorite five-year-old. And one of our favorite creative personalized gifts for kids of any age.


Swurfer Kick | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 5 year olds

Swurfer Kick Stand-Up Swing

($69.99 at Amazon)

Talk about a cool gift for a five-year-old! They’ll fly through the air with the greatest of ease on this durable swing. Parents, breathe easy — it has a grippy bottom.

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