The coolest birthday gifts for 5 year olds

Best gifts for 5 year olds: Kid's giant doodle roll, in themes like birthday and summer via KenzieCollection | coolmompicks birthday gift guide

Ready for some super cool birthday gifts for 5-year-olds? After all, turning 5 is a pretty big deal. You’re now one whole hand! Help your favorite kindergartener or preschooler celebrate this milestone with a cool gift for a 5-year-old that will keep them learning, exploring, playing, imagining, and just having fun. Because having fun is something 5-year-olds are really really good at doing.

Also, check out our list of cool gifts for 6-year-olds, and cool gifts for 4-year-olds — you may find the best gift for a 5-year-old in those guides too.

Above: Kids Giant Doodle Roll from Kenzie Collection

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Best gifts for 5 year olds: Cool Mom Picks ultimate kids' gift guide

The best gifts for 5-year-olds 

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Birthday tee from Double Joy Designs | The coolest gifts for 5 year oldsFive is a Vibe t-shirt

($10.99 and up at Double Joy Designs on Etsy)

Looking for a groovy gift for a 5-year-old that they don’t already own? We dig this cool tee that sums up how we feel about this new age.

Custom name crayons from Art2TheExtreme: One of the all-time best birthday gifts for 5 year olds, or kids of any age really

Personalized Name Crayons

($19.95/4 letters and up, Art2TheExtreme)
Will we ever stop recommending these as one of the absolute best birthday gifts for kids of any age? Never. Love this mom-run small business that’s grown to be super popular for good reason.

Crayola Kids Customizable Kick Scooter: Cool gifts for 5-year-olds

Crayola Kids Customizable Kick Scooter

($49, Kohl’s)
The sticker pack makes it even more fun than a scooter already is. Kind of cool to find a ride-on themed around color and crafts instead of superheroes and princesses. (Not that there’s anything wrong with superheroes and princesses!)

Tonie Box featuring new audio stories for older kids, like Disney's Encanto | best gifts for 5 year olds

TonieBox Starter Set + New Audioplay Character

($99 + $19.99, Amazon)
We’ve long loved TonieBox‘s screen-free entertainment center for music and story time, for kids 3-8. A new one is an amazing gift, or freshen an existing TonieBox with new content Tonies characters like the Minion in the collage above, or Mirabel from Encanto.

The Conscious Kid book bundle | The coolest gifts for 5 year oldsThe Conscious Kid book bundle

($127 at Pottery Barn Kids; individual titles available at Amazon or your favorite local bookstore)
Compiled with input from The Conscious Kid organization, these seven titles help teach equity and empathy to young readers in a beautiful and compelling way. If you want an individual book, find plenty of age-appropriate picture books for 5-year-olds in our book review archives.

Cool jump ropes in themes like rocket ships, sharks and unicorns | The coolest gifts for 5 year olds
A super cool jump rope

($16, Amazon)

A classic toy made a lot more adorable, these durable jump ropes from UK’s Floss and Rock are a terrific price and come in themes like rockets, unicorns, and sharks. Grab a few for all those kindergarten classroom birthday parties.

Babiators: Cool, protective sunglasses | Best gifts for $5 year olds

A real pair of protective sunglasses in kid sizes

($17 and up, Babiators)
Eye protection isn’t something that should wait. We love Babiators because they’re cool enough for kids to want to wear, and durable enough that they won’t break on day one. (Important!) Hey — they’re good enough for those Kardashian kids evidently. Lots of styles including the  Polarized Daisy glasses here, which are $22.99 on sale.

Custom Chuck Taylor sneakers | The coolest gifts for 5 year olds

Custom Chucks for Kids

(Prices vary at Converse)
One-of-a-kind “big kid” shoes you can design in any of their favorite colors (or all the colors, as seen above). Every single thing is customizable, from the canvas to the eyelets to the stitching to the soles, and you can even add their embroidered name for extra personalization.

Super Smalls Self-Care Nail Kit | Coolest gifts for 5 year olds
Non-toxic kids’ nail polish kit

($35 at Super Smalls)
Hey, maybe they’ll do your nails too! It’s okay: The peel-off polishes are safe for kids (and adults) and dry quickly with the battery-operated nail dryer.

Franklin Sports t-ball glove and ball set | Best gifts for 5 year olds

Franklin Sports Tee Ball Glove and Foam Ball

($12.99, Target)
So they can practice their throwing and catching, without worrying about breaking any windows.

Personalized wooden baking set from A Few Spare Moments | The coolest gifts for 5-year-olds
Personalized Baking Set

($24 on sale for utensils only; more for full set, A Few Spare Moments on Etsy)
Your little star baker will adore their own kid-sized baking tools in a personalized holder from this star Etsy shop in Montana that we’ve been sharing for years.  It’s never too early to teach a kid how to bake us delicious treats, right?

Best gifts for 5 year olds: Wonderbly's personalized books for kids puts them in a "where's waldo" style story

Extremely Personalized Book for Kids

($35, Wonderbly)
One of our readers’ most shopped gifts for kids about 4 to 9 these personalized books that put kids in the story. This one happens to be Where’s Waldo style — which means kids get to look for themselves!

See more of our favorite personalized gifts for kids of all ages 

The Trouble board game now in a popular Bluey edition! | The coolest gifts for 5 year olds
Bluey Keepy Uppy Game

($18.99 at Target)

Our kids’ favorite export from Down Under brings kids so much fun in this action-packed game as they work to keep the motorized balloon in the air with the character paddles. You might want to pair it with the cool Bluey PJ sets we shared in our favorite gifts for 4-year-olds!

Best gifts for 5-year-old: Authentic NASA dress-up costume

Official NASA Astronaut Costume

($19.55, Modern Nursery)
Sometimes our heroes are real.

Botley 2.0 coding robot | The coolest gifts for 5 year olds
Botley 2.0 coding robot

($64 on sale, Amazon)

Screen-free coding for kids as young as 5, Botley makes it easy for them to learn the basics using a cute little robot pal they program to do what they want.

Kids giant doodling roll themed around summer, birthday, and more: Best gifts for 5 year old | via KenzieCollection on Etsy
Giant kraft paper coloring roll

($22, Kenzie Collection on Etsy)
Not only do kids of all ages love these giant coloring rolls, but it’s a great way for adults to get into the action as well. Choose a seasonal theme or even a birthday theme for the perfect birthday gift for a 5-year-old. And all their friends.

H&M biker jacket for kids | The coolest gifts for 5 year oldsKid-sized biker jacket

($34.99 at H&M, or find a similar one for $22.50 at Target)
Looking this cool doesn’t need to be expensive.

Y Fliker ride on toy | The coolest gifts for 5 year oldsYvolutioin Swing Scooter for Kids

($99 and up, Amazon)

A new set of wheels is always a cool gift for a 5-year-old! They’ll use up some of their boundless energy to swing this scooter forward.  Also we love that this folds flat for easier storage


Chicago Museum of Science & Industry membership | The coolest gifts for 5 year oldsPhoto: You! The Experience @ The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Science museum membership

Channel their endless curiosity with an annual membership to your closest science museum where they can learn all about the universe, their bodies, and all the creatures around them. Memberships usually come with perks, like special hours or event access, and also reduce the pressure to try to see everything all in one visit. This is also a great gift from grandparents who would like to spend some special time with their grandchildren throughout the year!

Freestyle Spooner Boards: Best gifts for 5 year old

Freestyle Spooner Board

($44.95 at Amazon)
Any five-year-old can will their yayas out as they spin, twist, slide and wobble — safely,

Therapy Dough makes a great gift for kids | Best gifts for 5 year olds

Natural Aromatherapy Dough

($15, Uncommon Goods
Now that they’re old enough not to eat the play dough, they’ll love getting the wiggles out with this deliciously scented all-natural dough. Great gift for wiggly five-year-olds — and their adults too!

Personalized swan purses from AhaAha Moments | The coolest gifts for 5 year oldsPersonalized swan purse

($10 and up at AhaAhaMoments)
It’s always surprising how many things a 5-year-old will want to carry around, and this sweet swan purse is just the right size for toting a few trinkets. Available in many other styles at this Etsy shop which we featured in 20 unique personalized gifts for kids in 2023

SOhandmade washi tape roads and train tracks | The coolest gifts for 5 year oldsWashi tape roads

($14 for four rolls at SOhandmade on Etsy)

Great to take on vacation or on family visits over the holidays, these roads are easy to lay down and easy to pull up when playtime is done. Add in some of the cool cars from Candylab wooden cars for the most stylish streets anywhere — and a very affordable and cool gift for a five-year-old.

Kalamata's Kitchen book and spice bundle | The coolest gifts for 5 year oldsKalamata’s Kitchen Flavors in Harmony book bundle

($50 at Kalamata’s Kitchen; or Kalamata’s Kitchen book $12 at Amazon )

Have a future chef on your hands? A kid who won’t eat anything if it’s not on white bread with the crusts cut off? The author-signed book, the second in the Kalamata’s kitchen series, comes with a trio of delicious Spicewalla spices and other goodies, to inspire kids to see food as an adventure — and hopefully recreate some of the recipes in the kitchen themselves.


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