The coolest birthday gifts for 7 year olds

The coolest gifts for 7 year olds | Ultimate birthday gift guide from Cool Mom Picks

If you’re looking for the coolest gifts for 7-year-olds, it helps if you know a little bit about the kid you’re shopping for. 7-year-olds start to have pretty strong opinions about the things they like.

But the great thing is, they usually like a whole lot of stuff.

They’re still trying things, experimenting with new interests, learning about the world, figuring out who they are. So we love gifts that will get them thinking, creating, exploring, and playing. Always playing.

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Guardian 20" black "big kid" bike | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 7 year olds

A big-kid bike

($359, Guardian)

One of the most classic birthday gifts for a 7 year old, we love the bikes from Guardian. Beautifully made and thoughtfully constructed, this 6-speed, 20″  bike is ultra-lightweight so kids can pedal longer, has a low step-over tube for shorter legs, and includes a super-smart “one-brake” lever so that kids stop safely all the time.


Best gifts for 7 year olds now: LOL Surprise Mini Backpack } Cool mom picks ultimate birthday gift guide

LOL Surprise! Mini Backpack

($23.39, Amazon)

We’re not saying LOL Surprise! — the brand is called LOL Surprise! as you probably know if you have a 7 year old. Though I guess we are surprised to be adding this here? Hey, it’s a hot item right now and however you feel about the plastic toys, kids will looooove the backpack.

Faber-Castell kawaii color by number set | Coolest birthday gifts for 7 year olds

Kawaii color by number set

($9.99, Amazon)

Faber-Castell has really modernized the old skool color by number set with these kawaii treats that are so on trend right now with this age group — and above. Way above.

Best gifts for 7 year olds and up: Harry Potter Kano coding kit lets you literally make magic!

KANO Harry Potter coding kit

($99, Amazon)

While we’ve recommended it before as a great birthday gift for tweens, STEM-hungry kids as young as 6 or 7 can start learning coding….er magic, with this fabulous kit. It can be used to make feathers fly, goblets multiply, and newly proficient coders squeal with delight.

Hair chalk sets: best gifts for 7 year olds

Hair chalk combs set

($12.99, Amazon)

Lots of 7-year-olds love dress-up and coloring on themselves (sigh) which is why we love these (mercifully) temporary hair chalks that are easy to put on and easy to wash out — fabulous gift for all kids, not just girls! And proof that you don’t have to spend a lot to buy a winning birthday gift. Also check out this Alex hair chalk kit for kids for just  $12, from a parent-favorite craft kit brand.


America's Test Kitchen kids' cooking subscription box  | Best gift ideas for 7 year olds | cool mom picks ultimate birthday gift guide

Parent-child cooking subscription box

(This one $19.99/mo and up from American’s Test Kitchen)

At 7, kids are so excited to get into the kitchen and really really help — like, beyond, licking the spatula or stirring here and there. These clever kids’ monthly cooking subscription boxes come with everything you need for Cooking 101, and the best part is, it’s intended to bring parent and child together to collaborate. Or hey, grandparent and child. That works too.


Rainbow hammock | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 7 year olds]Best birthday gifts for 7 year olds like this awesome indoor hammock that grows with them | cool mom picks

Indoor kids’ hammock

($119, Amazon)

If you’ve got a bookworm to shop for, give them their own little hangout spot for quiet reading time. This cool birthday gift is perfect for kids who have outgrown playhouses. Plus, this  pure cotton, kid-sized hammock will still be in use as they hit their next few birthdays, too.


TIcket to Ride First Journey game | Coolest birthday gifts for 7 year olds

Ticket to Ride First Journey Game

($27.99 at Target)

We looooove Ticket to Ride — one of our top board game gifts for older kids — but it can be complex, even for our tweens. So we’re thrilled to find this version, a perfect birthday gift for 7 year olds or for refreshing the board game collection of your favorite grade-schoolers.

Kids Star Wars socks | coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Kids Star Wars Socks

($14 at Amazon

We may have grown up thinking socks were a lame birthday gift, but not so today! Kids love funky, crazy, colorful socks, especially when it shows off favorite characters, movies or interests. And hello? Star Wars! Thanks to all the cool patterns from the sock-pros at Stance.


Nintendo LABO Variety Kit | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 7 year olds

Nintendo LABO Variety Kit

($43, Amazon)

While it does require a Nintendo Switch console (around $315 on sale), you can breathe new life into it  with the Nintendo LABO Variety Kit. It gives kids five different hands-on activities to build using well-made cardboard accessories and very good instructions. When they’re done with that fishing pole, piano, or motorbike, it leads to even more games to be played, making it a very cool birthday gift for a 7 year old….and beyond.


Goodnight stories for Rebel Girls | Cool birthday gifts for 7 year olds

Stories for Boys who Dare to Be Different | Cool birthday gifts for 7 year olds


Stories to inspire young readers

(Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls gift box set $65 or individual book $35,
Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different
$12, at Amazon)

Fill up their libraries with all kinds of inspiring stories about real people overcoming big obstacles to do great things. Whether it gives you bedtime reading time together or gets them excited to read on their own, these are books kids will want to keep for a long time.


Minecraft bedding from Pottery Barn Kids | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 7 year olds

Minecraft Bedding

(prices vary, Pottery Barn Kids)

Get ready for lots of screams of joy when your 7-year-old sees their new Minecraft bedding. You’ll find pillow cases, quilts, even the cutest square pig — should you want to buy one item or the entire set. To be extra cool, sneak it onto their bed while they’re eating their birthday breakfast.

Best gifts for 7 year olds: Fun swim goggles all under $10! | Cool mom Picks ultimate birthday gift guide

Fun kids’ swim goggles

($9, Amazon)

Don’t worry, shark goggles definitely make it safe to back in the water. Bet they get your kiddo into the water, even when it’s freezing.for more ideas, check out our post on the hot new trend: bling-y swim goggles for kids


Best gifts for 7 year olds: Tattly temporary tattoo sets are safe and kid-friendly | cool mom picks ultimate birthday gift guide

Tattly temporary tattoos for kids

($15/set, with soooo many variations)

Lucky birthday kids could get an entire set of safe, kid-friendly, awesomely designed temporary tattoos in their favorite style — or longer. They’re not cheap tattoos — but then, they’re no-toxic, safe, and really last.

Cool gifts for tween boys (and girls): King LeBron baseball cap

King Lebron Hat

($25, HYPE Threads)

A favorite gift for tweens in our Holiday Gift Guide, we imagine any young Lebron fan will dig this cap.


Best gifts for 7 year olds: Artie Max the Coding, Drawing Robot | cool mom picks ultimate birthday gift guide

Artie Max Coding and Drawing Robot

($99.99 at Amazon)

On the heels of the original Artie 3000 coding robot, the new Artie Max Coding and Drawing Robot  is ready to take your 7-year-old from the most basic skills to creating their very own code that this robot can follow. It’s a fabulous STEM toy at a terrific price and perfect for not-yet-tweens who are ready for bigger kid toys.


Marauders map with light-up wand | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 7 year olds

The Marauders Map Guide to Hogwarts

($8.78 at Amazon)

Yes, more Harry Potter gifts. Because, that’s what 7 is all about!  Here, you get four fold-out maps chock-full of interesting tidbits to read, which then reveal secrets with the included wand. Invisible ink in the wand will even let them create their own “mischief managing” map on the enclosed blank parchment.

Crayola Color Chemistry Set | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 7 year olds

Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set

(37..99 at Amazon)

This kit impressed us when we tried it out. It’s got loads of creative and colorful science experiments to do right out of the box, which all teach beginner chemistry through play. Just remind them that scientists always clean up after themselves.




Wireless headphones by Riwbox | The Coolest Birthday Gifts for 7 year olds

Light-up wireless headphones

($27 at Amazon)

Whether they’re listening to educational podcasts for kids or watching videos that you’d prefer not hearing yourself, these volume-limiting, Bluetooth headphones are a cool birthday gift. With the coolest light-up cat ears, they are perfect for this expressive age. And be sure to check out our Cool Mom Tech guide to the best headphones for kids for online learning — should you want something that at least seems more educational.


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