The coolest birthday gifts for 7 year olds

The best gifts for 7-year-olds in 2022 | cool mom picks

If you’re looking for the coolest gifts for 7-year-olds, it helps if you know a little bit about the kid you’re shopping for: The 7-year-olds we know all have pretty strong opinions about the things they like. But the great thing is, they usually like a whole lot of stuff.

They’re still trying things, experimenting with new interests, learning about the world, figuring out who they are. So we love gifts that will get them thinking, creating, exploring, and playing. Always playing. And because they all develop at different speeds, tt’s also worth poking over to our ideas for cool birthday gifts for 6 year olds and cool birthday gifts for 8 year olds.

Please note that we’ve included links to both big and small shops for convenience and price. But we always encourage you to shop your own local independent toy stores, book stores, and boutiques!

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Best gifts for 7 year olds from Cool Mom PIcks

The coolest gifts for 7 year olds this year

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Custom color-changing LED name lights for bedroom | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Custom color-changing LED name light

($34.99 at Mirror Magic Gifts on Etsy)

They’ll see their name in lights, literally, with this custom nightlight that shines in 16 different colors so they can change things up as much as they want. You biggest challenge may be picking from nearly 50 fonts.

Classic Schwinn banana-seat bike for kids | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Classic Schwinn banana-seat bike

($175 at Amazon)

Let’s cycle like it’s 1979 with this classic banana-seat bike from Schwinn. Gotta love the streamers. Just pop a playing card into the back spokes, and it’ll be like old times.

Bitsbox monthly coding subscription | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Bitsbox coding monthly subscription box

($23.76 intro price for first month at Amazon)

Ware are absolutely in love with this STEM subscription box, which is one of the coolest gifts for 7 year olds. (Also at very top.) In fact, their monthly coding activity cards have been a favorite of Cool Mom Tech for years.

Handmade trailblazers collectible peg dolls from Goose Grease | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds
Women's History trailblazing peg dolls handmade by Goose Grease: Best gifts for 7-8 year olds

Women’s History Trailblazers collectible peg dolls

($47 at Goose Grease on Etsy)

Beautifully and ethically crafted using Fair Trade principles, Goose Grease makes peg doll versions of Jane Goodall, Bessie Coleman, Rosie the Riveter, RBG, Ida B Wells… a set makes a meaningful keepsake for any child’s room. There are so many cool gifts for 7-year-olds in this shop, but our tweens and teens would like them too.


Poppiki mini cake decorating kit | The coolest 7 year old gifts

Decorate your own (real!) mini cake kit

($45 at Poppikit)

7 year olds can have their cake and eat it, too — it will taste especially sweet after they do the baking and decorating of four mini cakes with some friends or cousins.

Loog ukulele with AR teaching app | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

A real ukulele with augmented reality teaching app

($60 on sale  in six colors at LOOG)

You’ll be thankful for the teaching app which should get them playing something melodic in (hopefully) no time at all.

Pop It mystery packages | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Mystery fidget popper bags

($8.99 at Target)

Grab a few of these for quickie birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, or “nice job on your report card” treats. Kids still love them.

Jurassic World Live Tour tickets | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Jurassic World Live Tour tickets

(Ticket prices vary; tour dates through 2024)

Dinosaur-loving 6 year olds, and their parents, will love getting up close to “real” dinosaurs as scientists rush to save them from danger in this dynamic two-hour show. Makes a great experience gift for a 7 year old — but consider all kinds of experience gifts!

Mantis family card game | Coolest gifts for 7 year olds

A fun new family game that doesn’t take all night to learn

($19.99 at Target)

Rainbows paired with googly-eyed shrimp combine in the easy-to-learn card game by the creators of Exploding Kittens. An awesome addition to family game night for kids 7+ — and  with each round taking only 10 minutes to play, you won’t blow past bedtime if you start playing after dinner.

Mondo Llama art supplies | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Case of new art supplies

($25 at Target)

Terrific price for a carrying case packed with colorful Mondo Llama art supplies including paints, pastels, markers, pencils, and more.


Hearthsong tent with lights | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

7-foot A-frame tent with lights

($189 at Hearthsong)

A perfect spot to get some alone time or to hang out with friends, this weather-resistant tent can go indoors or out. The lights add some ambiance so they can hang outside even after the sun goes down.

Mega Cyborg Hydraulic Hand from Thames & Kosmos | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Educational cyborg hydraulic hand kit

($27.97 at Amazon)

7 year olds may need a hand to put this together (ha), but the results are so neat — this Thames & Kosmos kit even teaches kids the basics of hydraulics. No batteries required.


Star Suede Dr Martens boots | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Dr. Martens star suede boots

($51 on sale at Dr. Martens)

They’ll star in the story of their own life in these out-of-this-world Docs made just for kids. Love the easy-access side zippers so they can slip them on and off without needing to fuss with laces.

Personalized gifts for kids: Hot cocoa will taste sweeter in their own personalized holiday mug from Petaled

Personalized Kids’ Hot Cocoa Mug

($22 at Petaled

If you’re shopping around the holiday season these are so cute but the shop has lots more designs — love the dinosaur mug!
Also see our list of  20 unique personalized gifts for kids from toddlers to teens



Eat2Explore food subscription box | The coolest gifts for 6 year olds

Kids culinary adventure subscription box

($87 for 3-month subscription at Eat2Explore)

It’s not easy getting kids to try new foods, which is why we love Eat2Explore’s fun international food subscription boxes. Each box includes recipes, related spice or sauce blends, a shopping list to fill together, plus other country-specific goodies.
(Gluten-free and vegetarian subscriptions available.)

Fanatics sports sweatshirts for kids | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

A favorite team sweatshirt

($34.99 and up at Fanatics)

Go [your team here]! This cozy team sweatshirt makes a cool 7-year-old gift for any fan.


Super Gross Chemistry Set | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Super Gross Chemistry Set

($29.99 at Amazon)

Hopefully they have a strong stomach. Great for kids who loooooooooove all things ooey and gooey and icky.

Sitting ball chair for kids | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Sitting ball bear chair

($49 and up at Amazon)

Great for wiggly 7 year olds, these ergonomic sitting balls also look adorable in the room when not in use. In four “bear” styles–panda, polar, brown, and koala–their ears double as handles for easy carrying from room to room.


Little Me, Big Dreams journal | The coolest gifts for 7 year olds

Little Me, Big Dreams journal

($6.99 at Amazon)

Thoughtful and sweet, this journal will get them to think about all the great things about themselves. We know there are tons.

Razor DeltaWing Scooter| The coolest gifts for 7 year old

Razor DeltaWing Scooter

($129.99 at Amazon)

Don’t forget the helmet!