We are SO excited that our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide is back by popular demand, this year with over 175 cool baby shower gift ideas, so many from the small brands we love to support. These aren’t the your average, basic (admittedly) boring registry essentials -- more like the fun finds that can really make those early days and months easier, more stylish, more organized, and more enjoyable if only in small ways. And we are absolutely pleased to present our 2016 Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide on behalf of one of our very favorite baby brands, Baby Brezza, whose products are, in fact, must-haves for so many new parents we know. Their four mealtime lifesavers seriously make feeding, cooking, and cleaning up super easy -- as in, push-of-a-button easy -- so new parents can focus on other things. Like that sweet baby of yours. And sleep. Okay, maybe just the baby.
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So we hope you enjoy our baby shower gift ideas and find some new brands, cool makers, fun indie retailers, and awesome products that may be brand new to you. Like the fantastic Baby Brezza products, for example, which you'll find more info about too. (Wow, have they come a long way since we first featured them back in 2011.) Psst...be sure to make good use of the generous discount codes throughout the guide that are all valid through the end of 2016. Happy shopping! All gift ideas have been editorially chosen by our staff; there is no compensation in exchange for recommendations. CMP is a reward style and Amazon affiliate partner.
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175 of the coolest, most creative baby shower gift ideas, from DIY to splurges plus tons of discount codes to help you save while you shop. Good luck picking a favorite!