The Nicest Sheets Any Baby Could Ask To Pee All Over

As we all well know, the most challenging, stressful, agony-inducing aspect of pregnancy is picking out crib bedding. It kept me up more nights than my ever-shrinking bladder, but I found peace once I discovered the custom-bedding site, Javis-Davis. This Alabama outfit has enough swanky designer fabrics to please even this exceedingly picky NYC mom.
Order a bunch of free swatches, from kitschy retro prints and playful geometric patterns to sweet ginghams, then set up a phone consultation. Mary Lou spent a good hour guiding me through the process, making recommendations, and ensuring every measurement, every bumper tie, even the pleats on the crib skirt were to my specifications. Plus I loved that I could order a few extra yards of matching fabric to throw over the ugly glider. (Try doing that with PBK). Moms who aren’t expecting right now: you¬πre in luck. Javis-Davis does kids’ beds too.

Cool Mom Staff

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