Month: April 2006

Your Greatest Masterpiece

Let me guess: The baby’s room is a dream come true – wallpapered and bordered, with hand-painted initials hanging from the wall. It’s perfectly coordinated, straight out of a magazine. The funny thing is, your 6 week-old does not care if his Moses basket matches his crib sheets, matches his diapers matches, his curtains. Liven things up a little!

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Happy Hair Days Are Here Again

I was reading some fashion mag or another last summer when I came across a reco for the T3 Tourmaline Professional Wet/Dry Iron. I’m generally skeptical of articles that promise beauty miracles, but pregnant and in desperate need of a beauty miracle, I gave it a shot. Joy of joys, glory hallelujia, this thing is awesome. I don’t know from tourmaline ions or infrared heat or priceless ultra-expensive jewels infused into the plate as T3 describes–I know is that this straightening iron is bloody fantastic. You can use it dry or wet (as the name implies), which means never...

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They’re Foreign and Hard to Say, So They Must Be Cool

As a half-Chinese girl, I admit to being somewhat obsessed with all things Asian. However, that does not mean that you will find me (or my daughter, for that matter) wearing chopsticks or plastic sushi barrettes in my hair anytime soon. You may, on the other hand, find me sporting these fabulous handmade hana Kanzashi (which is a loose term for flower hair ornaments) by Asian artist Thea Starr. Created using vintage silks and/or vintage kimono fabric that she dyes herself, Thea cuts the fabric into tiny pieces and folds/pinches it into shape. These hair adornments have been around...

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Mother’s Day Shopping For a Cause

Still haven’t done your Mother’s Day shopping? Or maybe you have but you’re looking for some fun shopping just because. Well why not do it for a cause by shopping for great gifts benefiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital. St. Jude Hospital, named after the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes, opens its doors to children who have been turned away – diagnosed with untreatable illnesses, and so-called incurable diseases. Not only has St. Jude revolutionized medical research for cancer and other catastrophic diseases, St. Jude opens its doors to all patients in need of medical attention regardless...

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Making Life Easier: A Web Magazine After Our Own Heart

If you have read through this site for more than one minute, then you have figured out that we are all about trying to make life easier. We know moms have very little time to themselves, and reading may not be on the top of your list. However, we suggest that after you’ve perused our daily picks (of course), you head on over to Momready, a web magazine "designed to ease the everyday challenges of parenting." Mom/founder Elisa Taub created Momready as a means to provide parents with short, informative articles with tips and pertinent topics that arrive in...

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Misogynists, Read No Further

When my daughter was born, I made a vow: no clothing with sayings like future hottie or future runway model. I mean come on, she’s a baby. Not a bulimic-in-training. Apparently I’m not alone in my convictions. TIred of all the negative, sexual, and egotistical slogans that innundate the T-shirt market, mom Jennifer Hoffman started the company, Emotional Armor, designing tees with positive, empowering, but never cheesy messages. Perusing the list of slogans on her stylish children’s shirts makes a 21st century mom want to weep with joy. You’ll find lines like i believe in me; small body, big...

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