When my daughter was born, I made a vow: no clothing with sayings like future hottie or future runway model. I mean come on, she’s a baby. Not a bulimic-in-training.
Apparently I’m not alone in my convictions. TIred of all the negative, sexual, and egotistical slogans that innundate the T-shirt market, mom Jennifer Hoffman started the company, Emotional Armor, designing tees with positive, empowering, but never cheesy messages.
Perusing the list of slogans on her stylish children’s shirts makes a 21st century mom want to weep with joy. You’ll find lines like i believe in me; small body, big dreams; and my mistakes will make me strong. (Although I disagree with the Boston Globe’s assertion that the line natural born hero is "for boys.")
The website goes live today so you’ll definitely be the first on your block if you order now. Besides, you’ll not only be doing something great for your kids, you’ll be doing something great for other people’s kids–all the proceeds are donated to two Boston-area organizations supporting women and children. -Liz
(courtesy Blogging Baby)
Emotional Armor T-shirts are available through retailers like Pure and in*jean*ius. Contact them for purchasing details.

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