I was reading some fashion mag or another last summer when I came across a reco for the T3 Tourmaline Professional Wet/Dry Iron. I’m generally skeptical of articles that promise beauty miracles, but pregnant and in desperate need of a beauty miracle, I gave it a shot.
Joy of joys, glory hallelujia, this thing is awesome.
I don’t know from tourmaline ions or infrared heat or priceless ultra-expensive jewels infused into the plate as T3 describes–I know is that this straightening iron is bloody fantastic. You can use it dry or wet (as the name implies), which means never having to turn on a blowdryer again. It gets your hair smooth and sleek, and never crispy. In fact, it’s the same iron that my fancy Madison Avenue hair salon uses on their way-more-fabulous-than-me clients. The T3 wet/dry Tourmaline Straightening Iron is $200 at Sephora. If you’re a natural frizzhead like me, divide the cost over the 45 minutes it saves you every time you wash your hair for the rest of your life…and I say, money very well spent. ~ Liz


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