Taming Flyaways with Flies

My friend’s daughter has a thing for bugs. Each year, her mom throws a birthday bash with insect-themed decorations and goody bags. The problem is finding unique gifts for this bug-crazy gal that she doesn’t already have. (And after the ant farm incident of last year, gifts involving the real thing are out.)
This budding entomologist is in luck: I just discovered adorable dragonfly hair clips at Lil’ Sugarplum. SAHM/designer Monique carefully crafts the clips herself out of vibrant satin and girl-friendly sparkly bits. And the no-slip design feature a tiny bit of velcro so they’ll remain unruffled even during those Saturday afternoon bug-collecting expeditions.
Which is more than I can say for my poor friend — she still panics when she sees an errant ant in the house. I’m fairly sure she’ll find the dragonflies more to her liking. –Nancy
Congrats to Corey C who won 2 clips of her choice from Lil Sugarplum.

Cool Mom Staff

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