Mommy = 1, Wiggly Baby = 0

I used to think baby clothes with snaps were the best solution for a wiry, wiggly baby. And then my brute of a son came along, and it was like wrestling a greased squealing pig into pajamas.

So take my advice ye mothers-to-be, and invest in a few kimono tops, like the fantastic new designs from one of our favorite labels, Westcoast Baby. There’s just too much to love about them – they’re decidedly un-babyish with a huge range of truly amazing fabrics fabrics, and the ties mean no annoying snaps. Plus they’re extremely versatile, easily matched with their coordinating pants or used as a light spring jacket over a shirt and jeans.

While you’re there, don’t miss the brand new Nesting Kits bundled layettes, for when the sanity you’re looking to save is some other new mom’s. -Kristen

Congratulations to winner Jeni S!

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