Sleep Well, Baby. Very Very Verrrrry Well.

So what good is it feeding our babies organic milk out of BPA-free bottles, dressing them in organic onesies and letting them gnaw on non-toxic crayons if we’re going to let them spend 14 hours a day sleeping on a big pile of chemicals? Thus, the appeal of organic mattresses.

You know how when you open up the crib mattress it smells like a science lab? Well when we opened our Natural Mat crib mattress last week, my toddler said, "Mommy it smells like lemons!" Which blew me away because sure enough, the lambswool inside our Coco Mat has been bathed with with eucalyptus, lavender – and lemon – which naturally ward off dust mites and other allergens.

In fact everything about this 100% natural, organic, breatheable, biodegradeable, supportive, dripping with fabulosity, totally handmade mattress makes it worth the price tag. It’s not made with the same garbage that other mattresses are; along with the lambswool, the company makes use of things like mohair, organic coir, and natural latex foam. No plastics, no PVC.

One other benefit of our mattresses: Since getting ours, my daughter is on her longest consecutive stretch ever of sleeping in her own bed through the night. I’m not sure I can make you the same guarantee for your toddler, but I personally, I am forever in Natural Mat’s debt. -Liz

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