Not every mama in my life has the same taste in baby gifts that I do. Shocking, I know, but some of my friends really do prefer smocking and gingham and sweetness and light to some of the more, um, contemporary items I gravitate to.

One of the really nice labels that I’ve recently discovered for classically oriented newborn gifts is pears + bears. They’re best known for their traditional girls’ and women’s dresses, the kinds that make my Southern in-laws’ hearts go pitter pat. As for me, I gravitate towards their adorable baby gift selection, and particularly the vintage embroidery collection.

There are plenty of items you can mix and match into a sweet little care package–bibs, burps, soft cotton blankets, and lovely little pillows with scalloped edges. They even do a really nice moses basket, if you’re going in on a big shower gift with the girls.

Be warned: This is all limited edition stuff. If you love something, grab it now or risk seeing the bib of your dreams on some other lucky kid. –Liz