My grandmother used to call me Bubalah, and so I was probably predisposed to find the Bholu Bubalah Critters utterly charming on name alone. I mean, come on — of all the Yiddish endearments my grandmother used, Bubalah is probably the most wonderful of all.

Bholu comes with a great back story, too: Put together Australian designer Jodie Fried and female artisans in India, and the result is a fair trade and climate-neutral company making sweet baby gifts you won’t want to resist.

Find the Bubalah Critters as well as their hand-embroidered swaddling blankets and throw pillows at Pajama Squid. I’ll take Frederick the Elephant in apple, please. –Mir

[via babyccino]

Congratulations to Alex W, who won a Bholu soft toy of her choice!

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