De-Bugging the Baby Carriage

i-9fbee251976ec7bd518b78052be85c69-hedvig bug net-thumb-200x197.jpgConsidering I’m not living in the Amazon, or even the deep south, I never entirely understood the appeal of those mosquito nets that go over the baby carriage.

And then, last week, my baby got bit by a tick. Yikes.

She’s fine, but I can only imagine what it’s like for moms who are dealing with black flies and swarms of mosquitoes and who knows what else in their neck of the woods while they’re just trying to have a nice day outdoors with the fam. Especially considering newborns aren’t really the best candidate for DEET.

Hedvig Bourbon, one of our favorite indie stroller accessory designers has just come out with a stylish solution in her Charlotte Bug Nets. In white or black, each one comes with sweet little butterflies or dragonflies appliquéd on – you know, the kinds of critters you don’t mind on your kids all summer long. They fit standard strollers but I especially like them for infant seats, so while you’re baby is lounging around the backyard or park, you don’t have to be swatting at bugs the whole time.

There’s one other benefit: Keeping strangers from touching the baby. Which is almost worse than the ticks. -Liz

Congratulations to Rachel C, winner of a Charlotte bug net of her choice!

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