Tiesies – ‘Cause every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man

I’m all for outfitting my baby boy in some fine threads on special occasions.  But dressing a wee one in the same style sported by a forty-something man (sweater vests, anyone?) isn’t special–at least not the way you’d intended.

Try a tiesie on for size instead.  These organic cotton onesies and tees by Pumpkin Girl are hilarious adorned with vintage men’s ties, carefully sewn into place, so they don’t fall into the wee one’s soup bowl, of course. They’re perfect for those events where other less fashion-forward babies squirm around uncomfortably in rumpled pint-sized trousers and vests. -Julie


Julie Marsh is a project manager by trade and a mom of three, which means that she alternates between kicking butts and wiping them.

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