Month: January 2008

Permission to Get Rowdy

After checking out a plethora of fantastic diaper bags over the last few years, I have to say that I’d love to be able to take the best features from each of them and combine them into one bag. The folks at Rowdy may well have beat me to it. Designed by parents with parents like us in mind, their bags are attractive and smart. If the faux red croc isn’t enough to make you swoon, along with all the pockets and extras like a changing pad and insulated bottler holder, then hang onto something when I tell you that the entire...

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New Year’s Resolution: Give Up the Ecards

This year is going to be the year that I get way better about sending cards for my friends’ kids instead of the cheesy free ecards that make me cringe with their attempts at humor–but I order them anyway because I’m too late to get the real thing in the mail. Instead, I am just adoring the letterpress cards from Sweetbeets. Designed and individually handpressed by Ontario mom Lisa Zuraw, they’re super eco-friendly as a bonus. Plus the designs themselves are more original than your standard cake with a candle. I especially love the little boy measuring himself against...

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New Year, New Beginnings

I have a friend who spends every New Year’s day plants a new tree with her family. I think it’s such a cool tradition and speaks so beautifully to the concepts of growth, rebirth, and fresh starts. Plus, it’s way nicer than wasting the day in bed with a killer hangover yelling at the kids to bring you some damn Alka Seltzer. The tree in a box set at ecoboutique Grassroots is, well, a tree in a box. Choose one of six varietals, dump out the growing mix, and get planting. And if you live in the Northeast like...

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