The Spoiled Mama sugar scrub
Summer’s here, and I’m getting ready to bare some skin. Along
with sit ups, a quickie pedicure and hedge clippers (you know what I
mean), I’ve added The Spoiled Mama Orange and Chamomile Sugar Scrub to my bag of tricks.

In those fleeting moments I get to myself in the shower, I’ve been sloughing off the dead skin and leaving a light fresh citrus scent in exchange, all in less time than it
takes for my kids to realize I’ve locked myself in the bathroom.

Based on the few I’ve tried, I could pick out a bunch of all natural and organic products I think I’d love from The Spoiled
, which includes a pregnancy, postpartum, baby and breastfeeding collection. Creator Tamara
Johnson put her smarts as an RN and her concerns as a new mom to
good use, and I give her a big thumbs up for not using any iffy
chemicals, for her recession-friendly pricing (many  Spoiled Mama skin care products are under
$20 – which probably accounts for the very basic packaging), and for her eco-friendly business practices. I just wish I had
seen her Bump Gloss Stretch Mark Oil back before deciding to carry a
few eight-pounders to term. -Christina

Find all natural, organic beauty products for moms–and dads–at The Spoiled Mama

Congratulations to Judy R, lucky winner of the Pampered Mama gift box!