Wardrobe by Jim Henson

jim henson designs baby onesieI’m not sure how I didn’t know about the Jim Henson store, but I didn’t. And I love Jim Henson, because really, who doesn’t? The guy was in an Apple Think Different ad, for pete’s sake, along with Picasso and Lucille Ball.

While parents of a certain age will be more enamored of Fraggle Rock merch than others, what I think are cool are the Jim Hensons designs, featuring multi-colored monsters on iPod cases and tees, including the adorable Feed Me baby onesie.

I only wish the site navigation was a little better, which is a shame; if Jim were still around he’d have fixed that in a snap. –Liz

Find all sorts of fun stuff for kids and adults at the Jim Henson store

Cool Mom Staff

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