Johnson’s Natural means more naturals for all.

Johnson's Natural products for babies and kidsWhen I first heard that Johnson & Johnson was coming out with a line of natural baby products, I was intrigued. My first thought was, it’s about time that there’s a choice like this for the moms out there who can’t afford the high-end natural stuff at the health food stores.

So when I was asked to work with the company as a consultant and spokesperson, I was honored. Thrilled even. I might have peed a little. (But only because I’m pregnant.) Especially after taking the products home, trying them out on my
own kiddos, and seeing that wow, J&J did something I’d be happy to recommend.

So here I am recommending it!

Created in part as a response to moms asking for more affordable natural products, Johnson’s Natural products are made without parabens, pthalates, essential oils, or dyes. They’ve got a really subtle plant and fruit-derived fragrance which is nice for those of
us who do like a little scent, but don’t want our babies to smell like they had a run-in with a department store perfume gals.

My girls with super sensitive skin and eczema
have had no issues since we started using it a few months ago. But the best part for me has to be the price–and the fact that this line will give more parents better choices. Because as someone who has
watched lots of expensive products dumped down the bathtub drain at the slippery hands of my kids while I screamed in slow-motion, noooooooo…I really
appreciate that these products won’t break your budget.

And I also appreciate, as always, that another big brand is taking a step in a positive direction. -Kristen

Visit the Johnson’s Natural website for information about J&J’s new natural baby products like lotion, baby wash, and shampoo for babies and kids. And look for them at your local mass retailers and drugstores. And hooray for Kristen for landing this cool spokesmom gig!

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  • Reply August 21, 2010


    I’m really curious to find out what the fragrance is derived from (specifically) since it’s not from essential oils. “Plant” is a little too broad for me as a consumer.

    I’ve totally done that slow-mo nooooo before. Man oh man.

  • Reply August 21, 2010


    Wow, I’m super impressed by this! Now, if it leaves my babies smelling good I will be buying this! Awesome! I checked the ingredient list with the Skin Deep database and if the fragrance truly is plant derived and not hiding things in it then this is one of the safest baby washes I’ve seen yet! Finally, big companies are listening!

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