Cotton nightgowns: The holy grail of children’s sleepwear

For as long as my oldest daughter has refused to wear pajamas, I’ve been on a search for a cotton nightgown. And if you’ve got a little one like mine, then you know that they are pretty much impossible to find.

So I was thrilled to discover that the cotton nightgowns I found while browsing at Mini Boden are exactly what I’ve been looking for since, oh, 2006. These long-sleeved nighties are sweet and simple, featuring an empire waist and absolutely no licensed characters anywhere.

I’m sure my daughter would pick the pink hearts, but I’m secretly willing her to choose the blue flowers (pictured). Either way, I’m just happy to know that these nightgowns going to hold up better than what I’ve been seeing in the chain stores, and they’ll last through to when my next daughter starts swearing off PJs. Knowing her, that will probably be tomorrow. -Kristen

The girl’s cotton nightgowns from Mini Boden are available in sizes 2-14. Whoo!

Cool Mom Staff

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  • Reply September 2, 2010


    Can we talk about why pj’s fabric must have fire safety standards? I understand when all of our parents used to smoke a person’s clothes could catch on fire, but as long as we keep our kids away from open flames (flameless candles anyone?) can’t we just make jams from cotton and flannel and do it for well under $38.00? Just wondering… Otherwise these are totally darling, and impossible to find

  • Reply September 2, 2010

    Mama Bub

    I love mini-Boden. These are beyond cute. This is definitely a grandma purchase.

  • Reply September 5, 2010


    cute! thank you for reminding me to shop over there :)

  • Reply November 8, 2010


    I have seen these in the catalog many times and thought “38$ for pj’s? Seriously?” Well, when my daughter became nightgown obsessed and my search for non-polyester nightgowns turned up nul, I broke down and bought them. The nightgown is beyond amazing! Thick, soft material. When I say soft, I mean SOFT!! Totally worth the investment.

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