Two awesome essentials that make traveling with kids so much easier

Brica portable dining chair booster seatAs every mom learns pretty early on, ease of travel with kids can come down to having the right gear. Whether we’re flying across the country or just taking the kiddos out to eat in our ‘hood, if we don’t have the proper seat, stroller or sippy cup, we’re in for a wholly unpleasant time.

Enter Brica, a newish company that’s out to simplify the whole parenthood thing with awesome products that make getting out of the house a lot less of a hassle.

relaunched their company last year (they were formerly Blue Ridge
International) and have come out with a whole bunch of smart new products
for the stroller, car and airplane that are worth a look. 

First, there’s the Fold ‘N Go Travel
. Since I live in NYC, walking is my main mode of
transportation. Rather than being able to toss everything in the
backseat of a car, we are always schlepping things around. With my first
child that meant lugging a big booster seat with us to restaurants that
didn’t have highchairs or to friends’ apartments. Brica’s travel
booster neatly folds up into a super-compact size that even fit into my
diaper bag.

I like that this one attaches to a chair, whereas a lot of other travel booster seats dangle from the table, which always feels a little precarious to me.

I’m also a fan of their Infant Comfort
which attaches over the car seat and
protects my little one not only from sun, wind and rain, but from those
pesky strangers that think touching someone else’s baby is okay. For those times we do use the car and are stuck
using the car seat as my baby’s stroller, it’s a lifesaver. -Melissa

products can be found on Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby and at Babies R’ Us.


Melissa Schweiger is a seasoned author, journalist, blogger and proud mom of two troublemaking boys.

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  • Yet another piece I wish I had read when making my baby registry:) My friend, who has traveled the world with her baby, also swears by the Brica travel booster seat and how amazing that it’s only $20. Like Melissa, I’m going to switch to the Brica booster for a 2nd child and it turns out that Consumer Reports agrees with Melissa regarding the table-hanging portable chairs (see the link in my name).

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