Shop smarter with a whole new kind of reusable bag

EasyBag eco-friendly reusable shopping bagsWhen grocery shopping, I try and take my own reusable bags. And I love that now some cities are charging for paper or plastic, to encourage you to BYO. So I love this new company that’s offering everything I’ve wanted in a reusable shopping bag.

Check out Reisenthel EasyBags and you’ll see each bag fits snugly in a shopping cart and sits flat, unlike standard totes. For larger trips, you can even fit 2 bags side by side in the cart. 

bag clips into the cart for easy packing and unpacking while velcro
secures the top closure.  There is even azipper pocket for your shopping
list, wallet, or odds and ends so you don’t need too many bags in the store.

                               EasyBag reusable shopping bag in red

                              EasyBag reusable shopping bag in black
$17.95 you can purchase this sleek reusable shopping bag, or pay $14.95 each if you get two. Just think about how many thousands of disposable bags those
two bags can replace. – Kirsten

Get your own reusable EasyBag in red or black online at ReUse It.

Kirsten Grove is an interior decorator and designer, the author of the popular design blog Simply Grove, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks.


  • Reply August 2, 2012

    Meghan @JaMonkey

    OMG I love these!!! I’m so over all the bags!!!

  • Reply August 3, 2012


    I don’t see on their website where you get two for $14.95 each – did I need a coupon code for that?
    Thanks! These bags look fabulous!

  • Reply August 3, 2012


    Neat idea, but… did anyone even consult a cashier when designing these? The norm in most stores with BYObags is to hand the bag to the cashier **first** so they can fill the bags. Doing so also allows for groceries to be sorted somewhat by size or type. These just beg to have groceries tossed in them willy nilly and all your soft goods and produce get smashed. It’s hard enough with smaller bags to get that to not happen.

    They’re also so big that they’re going to be ungodly heavy when full, and unwieldy at that. I’d much rather have a bunch of smaller bags to lift up and out of the cart than one or two giant bags.

    And you can’t get as much into a bag that closes. I have insulated bags that zip close and the cashiers FILL them. I have to remove about a quarter of the items to be able to close the bag.

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