The most dapper DIY Halloween masks, yours for the printing

If I started today, I could probably create Halloween costumes by hand for my three, although it would cost me dearly in terms of time and sanity. But here’s another thought: instead of sweating over fabric and glue, I could just hit “print” for some super-cute free printable Halloween masks, throw the kids in colored sweatsuits, and call it a day. If you too want DIY Lite, then you’re going to love this roundup of mostly-free printables.

The gorgeously illustrated printable Halloween masks (at top) from Shades of Every Color on Etsy can be sized up or down depending on the size of the head they need to fit. I love how “masquerade ball” they look attached to a dowel. Not your style? Just attach an elastic for an around-the-head mask. Choose from among a gentle deer, a distinguished eagle, or the colorful rooster. There is something so sophisticated about these creatures, I can see adults in a Halloween party sporting them as easily as little ones going door to door.

Free printable DIY Halloween masks | Mr Printables
New favorite Mr. Printables has six different masks for printing, from a yellow-eyed black cat to a orange Jack-o’-lantern. These would make a great Halloween party craft activity (note to self) as the entire set is available to print in black-and-white for the kids to color. I also really like their idea of using their free printables to create masks in felt–which will last longer, and probably feel more comfortable against the face.


Tutorial for DIY Halloween animal masks out of paper bags | Wee Society

DIY Halloween monkey mask from Wee Society

Wee Society’s DIY Wee Alphas are more than just (free) masks–when you add a paper bag, you’ve got an entire costume, and a terrific just-anytime rainy-day activity. Imagine four little friends parading as this paper-bag owl, lion, fox, and gorilla–the cuteness! And while I wouldn’t recommend letting toddlers shuffle down dark streets wearing bags on their heads, these are super easy to take on and off between trick-or-treat stops.

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  • Reply October 8, 2012

    Carla "Ink Pots" Eaton

    What a great idea! These masks are adorable. I may have to “trick” my youngest into this little “treat” so I can save my fingers from needle pokes and my wallet from “I’ll only wear it once” expenses. A little card stock and a decent printer and I’m all set!

  • Reply October 16, 2012

    Artist in LA LA Land

    Oh, I love paper masks. These printable DIY ones are so great. The paper bag costumes are adorable. Yeah, great idea, like you said, if you want a DIY Lite Halloween costume.

    I have quite a collection of paper masks on my paper play blog, Artist in LA LA Land, so I may have to re-blog them. Very cool finds. Thank you!

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