These free printable bookplates are the cat’s pajamas

If you have a little one who’s mighty attached to a certain book, here’s a fab way for her (or him) to stake a colorful claim. For free. These adorable printable bookplates are the cat’s pajamas…and the mouse’s jumper.

Mom of three and artist extraordinaire Helen Dardik of Orange You Lucky created four sweet and vibrant printable bookplates to help make your kids’ favorite books feel extra special. Just visit the site and follow the directions to print the bookplates on sticky paper in any size you wish. Voila! Adorableness.


Printable kitty bookplate | Orange You Lucky
Printable bird bookplate | Orange You Lucky
And if you love the artist’s bold, mod style, you won’t want to miss her Etsy Shop for dozens of gorgeous illustrations featuring cats, princesses, bears, circus lions, Pippi Longstocking, and some very happy turnips. No, really. I like all turnips more now, just because of these. You’ll see.
Find free printable bookplates at Orange You Lucky.

[via Rita from Dot Com for Moms on Pinterest]


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    Thank you for this link! I love this artist’s work, and I’m very happy to discover her Etsy shop.

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