Cool wrapping paper as nice as the gift inside.

Lily and Val wrapping paper | Cool Mom Picks

I get tired of the same old gift wrap I seem to see everywhere. I’m one of those people who would rather show up at a party with cool wrapping paper instead of a package that looks identical to everyone else’s. So when I discovered the original, very cool wrapping paper and cards from Lily & Val, I swooned. Featuring hand-lettered chalk art by Valerie McKeehan, it’s all super fun, isn’t it?

The Flower and Vines wrapping paper (at top) comes in a pack of three sheets and is great to keep on hand for any gift at all that you want to be a little more special. For birthdays, I love the festive Happy Birthday gift wrap.  And there’s a great selection of chalkboard note cards too, for all kinds of occasions.

Love You More Than Cake card by Lily & Val | Cool Mom Picks

Mojito recipe card at Lily and Val | Cool Mom Picks


Happy Birthday specialty wrapping paper by Lily & Val | Cool Mom Picks

Love and coffee chalkboard card at Lily and Val | Cool Mom Picks

mojito-recipe-greeting-card Dwell in Possibility note card at Lily and Val | Cool Mom Picks

Happy Spring card by Lily & Val | Cool Mom Picks

Make your gifts just a little extra special with Lily & Val’s gift wrap and note cards.


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