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The Great
BlogHer Photo Scavenger Hunt

We've all become comfortable reading our favorite blogs that fill our blog readers every day. And while everyone's looking forward to drinking, brushing up on tech tricks, and drinking some more at the 2007 BlogHer Conference, there's more to the blogosphere than the 60, 80, oh, 150 blogs you're already familiar with.

So to help us all to reach beyond our own keyboards, experience a blogging world of difference, and give us something more by way of introductions than "Hi, um, I really like your blog," Cool Mom Picks is sponsoring the first (and therefore best) ever Great BlogHer Photo Scavenger Hunt for the BlogHer attendees. That's all the attendees--not just those with cute little spawn.

Simply print out this page (or bookmark this url), make sure you pack your camera, and follow the simple instructions. You can even win prizes! Would it be a Cool Mom Picks contest without prizes?

How it Works

1) Take pictures over the BlogHer weekend including youself and/or your partner (yep, you can work in pairs) in the below-listed scenarios.

2) Post your pictures (along with the link to each blogger in your pictures) on your blog after the conference, between August 1 - 5, 2007. Also, try loading your pictures up on Photrade, a new free photo sharing service that lets you share and sell your photos. We don't make money if you use them, but you might. So why not give it a try.

3) Send the url to your post to:

4) We'll assign points to your pictures and pick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. If you work with a partner, you'll each win your own prize. In case of a tie, winners will be drawn at random.

The Rules

1) You may use any blogger in only one photo. If you use a blogger in one scenario, you can't use her in any other one.

2) Link each of the bloggers photographed in your post. Spreading the love is a priority!

3) If you work with a partner, you'll only need one post between the two of you, but one or both of you can be in the pictures.

4) Want a head start? Look for the "I'm Going to BlogHer" buttons folks have been posting on their blogs and get to know them now. Also search the blogme07 tag on technorati for the 10 second introductions women are posting on their blogs.

5) We'd love you to help us spread the word by swiping this button code for your blog and telling every single person or animal you know (hey, we don't discriminate by species). And come find us and we'll give you nifty stickers to slap on your victims to make sure everyone knows that they've been scavenged.


You can win some outrageously good stuff all just by meeting new bloggers and taking pictures you probably would have been taking anyway. If you work in a pair, each of you will receive a prize--no fighting, you two.

First Prize: An awesome Rian Handbag: Grant Park Edition -- leather construction featuring original artwork. Perfect for commemorating BlogHer '07 in Chicago. ($210 value)

Second Prize: A $150 gift certificate to Lucina Jewelry, an inspiring company that works with fair trade importers to open up new markets for developing world artisans and connect them with American designers.

Third Prize:Your choice of Washi Pendants from Blend Creations -- gorgeous brushed stainless steel pendants on a 16" wire chain featuring silkscreened Japanese paper. ($89 value)


Special shout-outs to Julie, Joy, and Catherine for their help. As always.

5 Points Each

Take a picture with:

- a blogger from another country

- a blogger from Washington State, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Maine (5 points each)

- a blogger you now love but who you have never read/knew before

- your blog idol

- one of the BlogHer Act organizers

- a registered guy attendee

10 Points Each

Take a picture with:

- a blogger wearing black nail polish

- a blogger using a cell phone that isn't black or silver

- a blogger twittering/social networking via mobile device

- a blogger using a pen and paper

- a blogger wearing braids

- a blogger drinking something non-alcoholic

- all three BlogHer founders in one picture

15 Points Each

Take a picture with:

- a blogger with the same first name as you

- a blogger with the same shoe size

- a food blogger eating

- a craft blogger crafting

- a nursing momblogger nursing

- your blogging look-a-like

20 Points Each

In these scenarios, there will be only one winner each, so search around before you decide on your final pics.

Take a picture with:

- the newest blogger

- the blogger that came the furthest

- the blogger who writes for the most blogs

- the most bloggers in one photo

Humongo thanks to Christine for the awesome buttons. Feel free to send her some love. Or money. Or a little of both.

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