The CMP editors and a few of our writers are packing our bags and brushing up on Apple Martini Drinking 101–at least those of us who aren’t with child–in preparation for the BlogHer conference in San Francisco this weekend.

If you’ll be there, please make sure you say hi! Swear, we’re friendly. We’ll be speaking on various panels, signing the very first copies of Sleep is for the Weak: The Best of the Mommybloggers and joyously co-hosting The People’s Party Thursday night. You’d better stop by or we’ll be downright insulted.

We’re especially excited to get to spend time with the women behind some of our favorite sites, like Kirtsy, MamaPop, Parenthacks, RookieMoms, Ask Patty, Mod*Mom and Mommytrack’d–and, don’t be jealous, but we’re having lunch with Rocco DiSpirito Friday. Just an ordinary weekend in the life of an ordinary mom.

Fear not readers, we’ve got some of the best picks in recent months all lined up for you while we’re gone. We may be headed to San Francisco, but ironically, we’re leaving our hearts here with you.