When my 3 year old was a newborn we planned a trip to Europe and before I could say auf viedersehn, my brain pictured all the filthy traveling potties we would encounter while changing her diaper. A friend of mine suggested using puppy training pads from our pet store on the diaper changers in the public restrooms. My friends are brilliant. But the patemm pad makers are more brilliant.
The patemm pad is so cool it doesn’t even need capital letters. These round, cushy pads (yes, round so the baby fits on it whatever way you plop her down) come in various sizes, fold up into a sweet little packet, and have a flap around the edge to hold a few diapers. And although the site suggests using them for your Mommy and Baby Yoga Class, I know Cool Mom Picks readers don’t actually take their kid to yoga because cool moms know yoga is about the Q-U-I-E-T.
But as for public restroom changing tables in Berlin, the floor of a particular not-such-a-good-vacuumer friend’s house, or grassy spot in the park–all perfect places to whip out the patemm.
My favorite thing about this product are the color choices. The patterns are great. Way cuter than the traditional puppy training pad blue. –Lisa