Greyglamourtank Once you get past the sore nipples and engorged breasts, your can focus your attention on a more flab-ulous issue – how to avoid flashing your post-baby-belly-roll when you go to nurse your child. I think it might be every nursing mom’s biggest gripe. Okay, maybe you are more concerned with not showing nip. But in either case, get one of the Glamourmom Tanks (or many, as I did) and you will be free to worry about other mommy issues, like lack of sleep and losing your pregnancy weight. The tanks by Glamourmom are pure genius. They wear like any other tank top you might have, but with a quick flip of the Glamourslipdress fingers, they snap open at the straps for easy, discreet nursing. You can wear them alone or under another shirt, and they’re comfy enough to sleep in. The colors/patterns are endless and they even make cool tank dresses.
If you think you can get your friends to buy them, you can sign up to be a glamour mom; sell three tanks under your mommy-code and you’ll get a free one yourself. Since weaning my daughter a few short weeks ago, I have to admit, I’m sad to see them go. But I’m happy to say that they made nursing much easier and a bit more fashionable. As a new mom, that’s well worth the $39.