While I have seen a pint of Guiness served as a three course meal, you might want to consider some other options for your St. Patty’s Day fare. Kathleen at Diamond Organics has prepared several tasty Irish meals that you are sure to enjoy. Her shepherd’s pie and Irish soda bread, made from completely organic ingredients, will be delivered overnight to your door with just a click of a button. And while it is definitely a splurge, based on what I’ve ordered from her, it’s totally worth it.
If you’re not in the mood for the holiday treats, she offers a wide variety of high quality prepared foods and bulk meat and produce, all of the organic variety. My personal pick: The sampler of the month. Choose how many months (or even which months) you want and a box of seasonal goodies, including fruits, veggies, and chocolates, will be delivered to your door. They make a great gift for anyone or even a nice treat for yourself.
Do yourself a favor. Step away from the Irish potatoes and eat something your body will thank you for later. –Kristen

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