It is common knowledge that the toy drum is the arch nemesis of all mothers. No self-loving mom would ever give another mother any type of musical instrument, let alone an awful drum and mallet combo – those are traditionally the mother-in-law or friends-sans-kids kind of gifts. But with all the research out there about how great music is for even the littlest of babes, I feel as though mothers feel some sense of obligation to suck it up, buy a drum, and and let their kids have at it. Moms: suck it up no more. This amazing tymptone drum is perfect for your budding musician as well as your sanity as it is virtually silent. Yes, silent. I have used these drums in all my Music Together classes and even with twelve little children beating the crap out of them, they make very little audible sound. And that, my friends, is music to any mom’s ears. –Kristen


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