When word got out a few months ago that the Evil Mouse Empire was releasing an album of Devo songs performed by kids, many of my hipster brethren and I were dismayed. Personally I had visions of a KidzBoppian reworking of some of the most influential American rock music. Luckily, after hearing Dev2.0, I’m sold. Not only is it true to the spirit of v1.0, but it also acts as an extension of the original Spudboys’ aesthetic of De-Evolution.
So buy this album. It‚Äôs catchy, it‚Äôs funny, it‚Äôs weird. We can debate the merits of selling out and corporate control of art some other time (Swiff it good, anyone?). But this is music that will entertain and challenge your kids–and undoubtedly a lot of parents–and can potentially open up some new horizons for them.
And watching little kids dance to Devo songs is funny.

This review excerpted from a full review at The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What to Think.

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