Looking for an amazing mother’s day gift for your baby’s momma’s momma and/or baby’s daddy’s momma? Look no further: The lovely lady at Jellie Joolz will cook you up the perfect gift for Grandma. Or if you’re the kind of mom who ODs on the I HAVE CHILDREN merchandise (ahem) that’s cool, too. Jellie Joolz can cook you up the perfect gift for yourself! My mother and mother-in-law rock the Jellie Joolz bracelet with serious gramma pride. The process is painless, all you have to do is pick your design, send your photos or email jpgs and Viola! Just be sure to reserve some time as each bracelet is hand made and in HIGH demand. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the Jellie Joolz bracelet is the gosh-darn-perfect gift.
… Because Grandmothers are allowed to OD on I HAVE A GRANDCHILD merchandise. Go here. Dig. –Rebecca


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