CarecardsWhile it’s nice to see your spousal unit wiggle and squirm in an attempt to figure out what the heck to get you for mother’s day, I imagine you probably don’t need yet another "I Love Mom" necklace or beaded stretch bracelet. So, why not consider having a donation made in your honor to the CARE program, which provides education for girls and support for poor women in countries around the world?
For every $25 that you donate, you will receive a beautiful artist-designed card describing your wonderful gift. Make sure to order by April 20, so your card can be sent to you in time for you to send it out to a special mom (or keep it for yourself as a wonderful memento).
For the money your spouse might spend on a bouquet of flowers, you can buy school supplies for 6 Indian girls. For twice that, you can send an Afghan girl to school for a year. I’ll take that over a bunch of carnations and a mommy shirt anyday. –Kristen