Hfm_1Do you honestly think you are ever going to pull out your old 6th grade band saxophone and play a little "Tequila" for your family and friends? And please don’t tell me you plan on taking lessons again or are saving it for your kids. I have a feeling that your child is probably not going to want your old axe – the one that hasn’t gotten play in as long as well, um, me.
So instead of wasting all those potentially beautiful musical notes, send it off to Hungry for Music, a fabulous charity that donates instruments to kids who really need them. We know school music programs are being cut all over the place, and while music teachers (and all teachers for that matter) do their best with what they have, if you don’t have instruments for the kids, it’s a little hard to do anything.
I worked with Jeff a few years back when a student with special needs of mine needed a keyboard. He worked his magic and the boy not only received a wonderful barely used instrument that he still plays today, but two tickets for a local George Winston concert (a huge supporter of HFM). So, go right now and dig that old flute, trumpet, or violin out of the attic and send it off to them. And if you don’t have an old instrument to donate, you can purchase one or several of their wonderful cds – featuring music by some really great well-known artists. –Kristen